All Aboard the Blogging Bandwagon

Well friends, it is time. I have been putting off the blogging for a while now, but I think I need to start. I miss writing! I do write a lot for work (which I love), but I love being able to be witty and funny in my writings, so I miss writing for me. And I did go to college for Journalism – writing is one of my biggest loves! (Sidenote: if you read any of those stories, please note I wrote them years ago and am pretty embarrassed of all but two of them ;))

I love writing so much I used to daydream about it. Seriously. I would fantasize about sitting at a big ol’ mahogany desk, in a comfy plush chair, sipping a coffee or maybe a chai latte (yum), in a room lined with bookshelves (books being another one of my loves), and just writing, writing, writing on my lappy.

My dream.

I would consider writing one of my “things.” And it is time I put my sweet skills to use before I forget how to use them, oui?

So what should I write about?

Well, if I’m being honest, another one of my “things” is eating. I love food, and live for eating. I have a particular affinity towards cheese, cookies, and nut butters…but I’m really not picky ;).

Peanut Butta!

So, what does everyone always say about writing? Write what you KNOW. And what do I know? Food.

However, although I eat a lot, it is usually more frequently than abundantly, and I do like to eat healthy (with the occasional treat, obviously!) And to eat as often as I do, I definitely need to be active!

This blog will hopefully follow me as I eat plentiful and healthfully (and indulge a little), and live an active, fun-filled lifestyle!


3 responses to “All Aboard the Blogging Bandwagon

  1. Can I still follow your blog if my main food group is butter?

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