Pancakes with a Greek Twist

Move over oatmeal! This morning I discovered a new breakfast that was absolutely delicious. Greek yogurt pancakes!


(Alright, so they’re not the most photogenic of pancakes, but they were really good, so I’ll forgive them.)

Let me tell you a little story about Greek yogurt, as it is my new obsession. It is thick and creamy, much more so than regular yogurt, and has almost twice the amount of protein! (Protein = win.) It is also lower in sodium and carbs. Just make sure you get low fat or 0% versions, and you are good to go.

The only downfall that I can see to this miracle tub of deliciousness is that it can be tricky to find in Canada (although I get it at Superstore and it’s in the regular yogurt section), and it is a bit more expensive than regular yog. In the US I hear you can easily get alllll different kinds of Greek yogurt, and I have noticed many American food bloggers raving on about Chobani, Oikos, and Fage, in a million different flavours of fruitiness. We Canadians don’t get any of that (as far as I know, I’d love to be proven wrong!)

We get this:

Liberté Greek Yogurt

In two flavours: Plain, and vanilla.

I am quite envious of Americans and their seemingly never-ending selection of Greek yogurt. Not that I don’t like Liberté, but I would like to try other options, and would love flavours.

Anyway, I like both plain and vanilla, although plain is pretty tart on its own so I like to sweeten it up with a squirt o’ honey. Greek yogurt is a staple in a lot of my snacks, and I replace it in any recipe that calls for sour cream, to healthify it up!

Which brings me to breakfast, and the Greek yogurt pancakes. In my random food Googlings a little while ago, I found the blog The Noshery, and a post about sour cream pancakes taken from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook (The Pioneer Woman is awesome PS, if you are ever looking for a good recipe). This morning when I was deciding what to make for breakfast, I remembered these yummy-looking pancakes and decided to do a little experimenting. I followed the exact recipe, but switched the sour cream to Greek yogurt.

The pancakes were honestly amazing. My lovah agreed, and he can sometimes be picky in the food department 🙂

Here is my (revised) recipe:
1 cup Greek yogurt
7 tbsp all-purpose flour
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
(makes about 12 pancakes)

In a bowl combine your dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking soda and salt). The Noshery says to sift your flour, I didn’t and it still worked out, totally up to you. In a separate bowl whisk together the eggs and vanilla. Pour the egg mixture into the sour cream/flour mixture. Stir gently until all ingredients are mixed well (although these pancakes are good with some texture, so don’t mix it so well that it’s TOO smoothy-smooth.)

My mix

Next, spray a hot griddle with cooking spray (don’t forget this, ’cause I did and my first batch of pancakes were a hot mess), and spoon about 1/4 of mix onto griddle, and cook a la any ol’ pancakes, flipping when the edges start to brown and the cake starts to bubble.

Griddle party

Remove, and EAT!!! I enjoyed mine with lots of syrup and a handful of blueberries. I am full and happy :D. I will DEFINITELY be making these babies again!

Here’s some Greek yogurt nutrition facts if you’re interested:

Yog nutrition facts

Later gators!


5 responses to “Pancakes with a Greek Twist

  1. Your ‘mix’ in the above picture looks suspiciously like Andrew was helping you bake….

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  4. I also buy LIBERTE Greek Yogurt 🙂 YAY! Love it 🙂 So creamy! I am going to try these pancakes tomorrow 😀

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