Office Boccia Explained

Welp, I promised in my lunchtime yoga post that I would explain Office Boccia, and since today was my office’s first game of the season, I think it’s time for a little recap.

Most people I talk to are familiar with Bocce (like lawn bowling), but have never heard of Boccia before (don’t feel bad, myself included before Office Boccia). Well Boccia is an official Paralympic sport! It is the indoor version of Bocce, played with bean bag balls like look like this:

Official Paralympic Boccia Balls

My building is full of many of the provincial sport organizations, including Parasport Ontario and Wheelchair Sports Ontario, the founders of the original Office Boccia (we have had four “seasons” of Boccia). I am a fan of both Bocce and Boccia, and I love any sort of competition against the members of other offices, so Office Boccia rivalry is pretty much the best thing ever :D.

I’m not going to get into all the rules, but we play in teams of three’s, and we play right in our suites. Each team gets six coloured balls (red or blue), one team will first throw the jack (white) ball, and the object of the game is to then get your balls closest to the jack ball. At the end of a round, if your ball is closer you get a point. We play to 5, so usually more than one round.

Who's closer?

My team was blue, so as you can see we are currently two points ahead as our balls are closer (this was short-lived. We lost :().

If you are the host team, you definitely have the home court advantage, as you get to know the dips and curves in your office floor. In fact, I am going to say this is why we lost today, as we were the visitors ;). And also because we were playing against three of the original founding members of Office Boccia, who I’m sure practice all the time :D.

The only rules are: you play the jack ball where it lies (I have seen balls land in garbage cans, recycling bins, on top of desks, behind doors, you get the idea); and there is no trash talking allowed while the other team is throwing the ball (trash talking is required any other time, in my opinion).

Accuracy is important...

Office Boccia is pretty serious. We have four pools, with five teams per pool (20 teams total). The teams who advance through pool play go to the quarter-finals, and then the teams who advance from there go to the semi-finals. And then there is the championship game. It is very well organized. The winning office gets the registration money to go towards an office social, as well as this baby:

It will be mine...oh yes...

Which is a basketball trophy painted to look like Boccia balls :D. And you get your office name engraved on it (I’m assuming this picture is old, because I don’t see any engravings).

(Thanks to Matt from Parasport for providing the above photo. I especially enjoy those those luscious curly locks in the background).

Here is a pic of last year’s winners from the Ontario Basketball Association with the trophy:

The competition

For those of you who are wondering how long a game of Boccia takes, we have a 30 minute time limit, and we always play at lunchtime. Usually you are scheduled for one day a week. So yes, we do still work at work. Boccia is strictly extra-curricular.

It can be really funny to walk through our building at lunchtime and see all the games that are going on in the different suites, and sometimes even out in the hallways.

And that pretty much sums up Office Boccia!

(Did I miss anything Office Boccia players? That was actually kind of tricky to explain! Phew.)


20 responses to “Office Boccia Explained

  1. How do you describe office boccia without mentioning OBA domination? The fact that it is, in fact, as described a basketball trophy at heart, it always returns to its rightfully resting space before too long. Honestly, the best part is the bragging rights. I haven’t won anything since the first round of speech competitions in grade six or a AA swim meet backstroke bronze. I mean, that pic has been my fb profile pic for over a month lol.

    • haha, alright so you had a good season. Well, you winning the championship just didn’t come up. Actually I was going to ask you if I could borrow that pic for this post! But I forgot. If you give me the go ahead maybe I’ll add it. If you’re lucky.

  2. Of course. That’s a great pic of me!

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