Hide Ya Lunch!

This morning I noticed an email in my work inbox from our building services peeps titled: Missing Lunches.

Say what?

Intrigued, I opened it and saw the first line: “We may have a lunch bandit on the loose.”

A lunch bandit on the loose?! How scary is that? Forget stealing gym shoes, who steals lunches? I use the fridge in my own office to store my lunch, not the shared building lunchrooms, so I feel confident about my lunches’ safety. But it must be a serious issue if they sent out a mass email about it. Yikes. Hide ya lunch!

I would never steal someone’s lunch, as I like to follow the golden rule (do unto others…) and I know how absolutely devastated I would be if someone stole mine.

Around mid-morning snack time, I wandered into our lunch/storage room for a little somethin’ somethin’ and saw this on the fridge, with what suspiciously looks like my boss’s handwriting next to point 6:


Oh very funny. I told you I am known for my love of lunch. I have to endure this torment all. the. time. But it makes me laugh :D…and it makes everyone else around here laugh too, so I’ll take it for the team.

Speaking of  Lunch…

I don’t want to attract the attention of any lurking lunch bandits, but I would like to highlight my lunch today, ’cause it was a good one.

Wednesday Lunch

That giant salad includes romaine lettuce, baby spinach, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and crushed almonds. The goat cheese/almond combination totally stole the show and was the highlight of my salad. I used my SlapChop to chop the nuts (which works awesomely and is pretty much the only thing I use my SlapChop for, because Vince is a liar and it is a pain to clean).

Hey Lunch Bandit, dream on!

I was a cookie bandit today though. Someone brought up a plate of leftover cookies from a meeting and I was on them in seconds:

Cookie Monsta

Cookies don’t stand a chance around here ;).

Welp, lunch is over so I’m back to the grind. Later bandits!

Do you have a dessert/snack that you absolutely cannot resist?


12 responses to “Hide Ya Lunch!

  1. Its a serious issue on the 3rd floor. Even with OBA hanging out by the water cooler all day.

  2. Dessert is not my thing. Perhaps a Blizzard will get me going from time to time but willpower is easy around the sweets. Neil did make some delicious macadamia nut cookies from when we were young lads but that is only a fading memory. Something I really do enjoy however is tearing apart the bread sticks from East Side Marios with my suspicious smelling hands.

    • Neil’s cookies are still my fave to this day. I will NEVER forget them.

      My biggest weakness besides cookies is probably finger foods. Anything bite sized and delicious looking I probably can’t say no to…

  3. This is probably gross but every afternoon I have a cup of tea and two chocolate pop tarts. I look forward to it all day and it really is my only indulgence. I probably shouldn’t eat them every day, though…or maybe just have one…

  4. Oooh! Since you seem to love salads so much, I have to tell you about a delicious salad that my mother-in-law makes. Whatever kind(s) of lettuce/other greens you like, strawberries, walnuts and Kraft creamy poppyseed dressing. OMG, it is so good I might die. You should try it!

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