Spinning Party, Take 2

Well friends, I made it through my first spinning class tonight! After work I rushed home, threw a couple giant spoonfuls of cottage cheese in my face (I knew I wouldn’t make it without eating something), and headed to the gym (after triple checking that I had my shoes ;)).

Three out of five of us made it to the group gym date tonight, which is a pretty good turnout. I think I probably missed a phenomenon last week when I had to ditch our spinning date, because all five of us making it to the gym at the same time is probably going to be an extremely rare occurrence. Ohh well.

Spinning was definitely intense. I totally felt like I wanted to die during, and twice I thought to myself “I’m not gonna make it! I can’t go on!” But somehow I did. Thinking about dinner helped get me through (I’m not kidding, this always helps me through a tough workout), and the instructor was super motivating. I really liked him. Another thing that helps is the intervals. Because I know the torture isn’t going to last forever, I can push myself and power through.

I was a sweaty BEAST afterward, probably comparable to hot yoga. I did feel like I just gave birth (it was an accurate description), and my legs were all jelloid, but I also felt proud of myself and exhilarated :D. It was worth it. It was a really good way to start my weekend.


I was a hungry hungry hippo after spinning, and in the mood for some homemade ‘za!


(Sidenote: The first person I ever heard call pizza “za” was my friend from South Africa. He said something like “It was late, and we were eating ‘za.” and I said “Oh, is that some sort of crazy South African dish?” And then everyone looked at me like I was nutso. Who knew?)

Homemade pizza is the easiest thing ever. I used to buy a frozen pizza almost once a week for a speedy, easy dinner on the fly, but then I discovered that homemade is not only better, it’s easy and it actually cooks more quickly.

I buy the PC thin crust and top with pizza sauce (or sometimes just Prego pasta sauce), shredded mozzarella, turkey pepperoni, and whatever veggies are kicking around. Tonight it was green pepper.

Before Bakefest

Since I was a gross swamp monster after spinning, Andrew prepared this while I showered. We then baked it in the oven at 400 degrees F for about 6-7 minutes.

My Pizza Plate

I went back for a fourth slice ;).



4 responses to “Spinning Party, Take 2

  1. I`m so glad to hear you`re spinning, as it is also one of my favourite workouts…especially when i can finally stop. I feel like i can`t make it around the 20 minute mark, and the only thing that keeps me going is my pride. Embarassment of everyone watching you get off your bike and crawl out of the room is a real motivator. Woo! keep it up!

  2. Hey spread eagle, had your homemade pizzas this eve. Used whole grain tortillas as the base, fewer calories and carbs. Lovely and quick idea. Marko ate two, the fat bastard.

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