Yes Please, Goat Cheese!

Welp, so much for that huge storm! I knew this would happen. I bounded out of bed early this morning and raced to the nearest window, hoping to be greeted by mounds of snow making it impossible to drive into work.

Not quite. It was not a big deal at all, and I could still see bare road. Ho hum, pig’s bum. Very disappointing. However after watching the news, the highway did look pretty bad (what else is new?) and I decided it was going to be one of those days where, although we did not get a ton of snow, my 40-minute commute was going to take three hours. So I am working from home, with this little gal by my side:

My Kitty Named Winnie

Winnie is the best little kitty in all the world. And still going strong at the ripe old age of 17! She’s awesome.

I have a ton of stuff to do for work today, BUT this does mean I can enjoy a nice leisurely lunch!


Has anyone read The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games

I picked it up after pretty much everybody and their mother recommended it to me. It was amazing, and I could honestly not put it down, despite the story being about a bunch of 12 to 18-year-old’s fighting to the death (sounds weird, I know, but trust me, so good).

I am mentioning The Hunger Games because this book totally inspired my lunch today. Nothing says yumminess like people killing each other, oui? Just kidding. The main characters kept eating goat cheese with apple, and reading about this combination spurred a big craving in me!

I have had a bit of an obsession with goat cheese lately. For those of you who think you don’t like goat cheese, listen up, buttercups. I used to despise goat cheese. Sometimes I think it can be too strong and overtake the rest of the dish, and make you feel like you might actually be eating, well, a goat.

Then I discovered this package of deliciousness:

Delish, and not too goaty!

PC Goat’s Milk Cheese. I can’t get enough. It is light and tangy, creamy, and easily spreadable. It adds flavour to a dish, without overtaking it, or overwhelming you with goatiness (not a word, but I don’t care).

I used this cheese to make an amazingly delicious and healthy dip for our friends’ New Year’s party this year. It is the easiest dip ever. All I did was take an entire package of it, put it in a bowl, and stirred it up with honey (I got the idea from PBFingers’ blog). I served it alongside assorted whole wheat crackers and it was a huge hit. I am not exaggerating when I say people literally stalked the goat cheese dip, and by the end of the night I noticed some of my friends were skipping the crackers and just dipping their fingers into the spread and licking off the goat cheese.

Even Andrew, self-proclaimed goat cheese hater, is loving this cheese.

Shmanyways, back to lunch. Goat cheese was the main character in my meal today. Similar to the goat cheese and honey dip, I put a couple tablespoons of goat cheese into a bowl, squirted some honey on top, and stirred it around until everything was well-mixed.

Goat Cheese + Honey = Perfect Combo

I then spread this onto a toasted whole wheat bagel, and topped with sliced Royal Gala apple (any apple slices that did not make it onto my bagel quickly made it into my mouth ;)). I had a handful of grape tomatoes on the side to amp up the veggie factor.


AMAZING. I am so glad I have an outlet to rave on about this sandwich, because let me tell you it was so, so delicious! It was such a good combination. And quite a nice change from a boring ol’ deli meat sammy. Thanks for the inspiration, Hunger Games!

Back to the couch grind!


17 responses to “Yes Please, Goat Cheese!

  1. “Delish and not too goaty” – lol favourite line by far! And I’m so going to read The Hunger Games, I too have been hearing about this book from everyone. Good post! 🙂

  2. I watched this show once where someone was eating Kleenex. Let’s just say I’ve nibbled my way through a few Royale boxes by now. I totally understand the media transfer that can occur with delicious sounding meals.

  3. You are hilarious! I love it! and omg that goat cheese and honey dip at new year’s was sooo insanely good. i can’t wait to try it out with apple slices now! thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I read the first Hunger Games and LOVED it! After the games started, I couldn’t put it down – like really…I lost sleep 😉 I’m on hold for book #2 in the trilogy now! Cute blog!

    • I hear ya! It was kinda same old same old, and then as soon as the games started BAM! Could not stop. I picked up the second one last night so I’m looking forward to starting it.
      Thanks for checking me out 😀

  5. Lindz,

    you are so hilarious!! I love reading your blog. SO GOOD!

    Congrats hun!
    p.s. I bought goat cheese today 😛

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  12. I LOVE Goat Cheese!! Wait -do you live in Canada? They only carry PC brand here right?

    And what do you work as? I want to work from home! 🙂

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