Motivation Is What Gets You Started…

After work today, I was not feeling the gym at all. I had a spinning date planned with my friends, but I really was not interested in going. I had already done lunchtime yoga today anyway so, qu’est-ce que c’est le point?

The point, mes petits amis, is that this is my routine. And once you start skipping the gym, it’s easy to get into the habit of not going, and then a few days pass of not going, and then you are suddenly in a gymless rut. In my experience that is tricky to get out of. It would have been so easy for me to just go home and dive right into leisuring. But when I give into that, I lose my motivation.

Two years ago, I would not have gone spinning. When I was a member of my old gym (which happened to be much further from my house than my current gym), I used to find pretty much any excuse out there not to go.

I would usually work out right after work, and the entire time I was driving to the gym I would dwell on the reasons why I shouldn’t go. I would think “ohh well, I seem to have forgotten my iPod! Definitely can’t go,” or “my gym buddy isn’t going tonight so…me neither,” or “I think it might rain! I don’t want to drive home in the rain,” or “I worked 10 minutes later than usual so…” or “traffic is a bit worse than usual so…”

You get the idea.

No more of that!

There were so many factors as to why I did not want to go to the gym back then. But bottom line, I had no motivation. I really had no interest in fitness and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I would attempt a run on the treadmill (hating it), and then maybe meander over to the ellipticals (hating that), and then once I finished cardio, I would wander over to the machines in the women’s section and do a couple sets of whatever, but not really working myself and not really wanting to work myself either. Basically the whole time I was there, I was thinking about leaving. I wasn’t into it. What was the point of going?

There is a quote that Andrew showed me recently that I really liked, which said: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going,” (Jim Ryun). It is so true.

In my healthy tipping point post, I mentioned that something for me changed. Something motivated me. Somehow, I developed a genuine interest in working out and being active (I honestly think it was the running that did it). That motivation turned into a habit.

Whenever I am away for work, one of my coworkers usually mentions that he wants to squeeze in a workout. I used to think Why? Why would anyone want to squeeze in a workout? We’re away! Let’s eat lots of food and enjoy ourselves!

But now I understand! I am in the same boat! When I am away somewhere, I want to squeeze in a workout! It just makes me feel better :).

I do not dread going to the gym anymore, I actually like it! It gives me time to think things over and listen to good music. And I am in love with the way my body feels after. Now instead of dwelling on why I shouldn’t go, I concentrate on why I should!

Tonight, as soon as those thoughts about skipping spinning entered my head I thought to myself “NOPE! I have a gym date!” It was like an appointment, and I was keeping it.

So I went to spinning, and I am so glad I did. Of course I wanted to die during, and my legs were all jelloid when I finally got to scrape my rubbery self off the bike…but now I feel awesome.

And when the instructor yelled out “Yeah, it hurts! But if you’re not trying your best then WHY ARE YOU HERE?” it reminded me of my old workout rut, and of hating the gym, and of not trying and not caring.

And I felt so proud of myself 😀

Anywhoozle, I’ll stop rambling now… Happy Friday!

Question: What is your biggest work-out motivator? My number one is MUSIC!!!


6 responses to “Motivation Is What Gets You Started…

  1. Good post Linds. I so wish I had read it earlier, maybe I would’ve gone to the gym like I planned… I checked out the other blogs you suggested, no joke though – I like yours the best!! I find it to be the most relatable and encouraging!! 🙂

  2. My motivation is mostly seeing Don in tight workout slacks that accentuate his big, fat…..BASS.

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