Too Many Cookies


How amazing does that plate of food look? This was my lunch today! I had a day-long meeting, which included lunch, so I snagged some chicken souvlaki, salad and rice. It was quite a change from my usual workday lunch, and quite a bit more than I would typically eat, but everything was so delicious.

I followed this up with some pretty decent dessert as well:

The Dessert Spread

You’ll notice the fruit to sugar ratio is looking pretty fruit-heavy. But don’t be proud of me just yet… I tried really hard to fill up my plate with fruit so I would be full and say NO MORE COOKIES, but sadly that is not quite how it worked out.

After lunch was complete, the entire tray of cookies remained beside me for the rest of the afternoon. To say that I was distracted is an understatement. The cookie selection included chocolate chip, double chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia nut (pictured above), and oatmeal raisin. Yowza.

When it comes to cookies, I can’t say no. I can NOT resist soft, chewy (think Subway-like) cookies. If I have a trigger food, it’s cookies, hands down. I have zero self-control around them.

Basically, this is what ensued:

I became a cookie monster.

That little innocent cookie half on my dessert plate triggered my inner hunger monster, and I ate a gazillion (well, four) of its brother cookies. And I ended up feeling sick. And shameful :(.

I had a good workout tonight and lots o’ veggies for dinner, to hopefully counteract all that sugar. So I am feeling better now :D.

But tell me, do you have a trigger food? What food do you have no self-control around?


9 responses to “Too Many Cookies

  1. My trigger food is those little white powdered sugar donuts from the grocery store. I CAN’T buy them, because I can’t just eat one… I hafta eat the whole box!
    Also, could that cookie monster picture be your Facebook profile? Pretty please?

  2. Last night I ate a jumbo sized bag of peanut butter M n M’s … not a movie threate size … bigger.
    I’ll just add another set to my workout tonight to punish myself 😛

    Usually, I can do the whole, “nothing tastes as good …” but for some reason when peanut butter and chocolate team – I’m done for!

  3. PS – Cookie monster Lindz is awesome!

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