Eating Week

It’s Friday!

It has been a busy week and I am super excited for the weekend. However, my eating tends to be all over the place on the weekends, so I do actually like Monday’s when I get back into my (mostly) structured eating routine (breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner, as opposed to breakfast – snack snack snack snack – dinner – snack snack ;)).

This week was an exception. It is a meeting-heavy time of year in my office, and we had meetings four days this week. Our council members attend these from across the province, and a meeting is usually almost the entire day. Obviously we need to feed the attendees or it wouldn’t be a very productive meeting, which means staff members who are in the meetings get lunch as well. This also means that even if I am not in the meeting, somehow leftover food will make its way into my office. So in addition to my healthy packed lunch and snacks, I am eating this:

And this:

Plus this:

And tons more that went undocumented.


And I can’t forget today’s lunch:


This lunch was seriously the highlight of my week. Chicken with this amazing mango and cilantro salsa, wild rice, baby spinach with berries in a vinaigrette with sunflower seeds, and whole wheat pita plus hummus. AMAZING!

Followed up with this for dessert:

All For Meeee

I am not complaining about all this food. I would never complain about an abundance of food! I genuinely enjoy healthy eating: whole grains, fruits and veggies and healthy fats, and I try to make good food decisions as much as I can, but when someone brings up a tray of leftover cookies, danishes, and cheesecake from a meeting and yells out “HEY LINDSEY!!!! There’s tons of food out here! Including COOKIES!!! Help yourself!” well, what’s a girl to do?


Yes to Cookies!

How do you avoid office munchies? No really, please share your tips!


7 responses to “Eating Week

  1. I avoid office munchies by remembering what is was like to cry after I would go shopping. It’s a motivating visual.

  2. I like to do the whole `Well if I don`t eat it, it`s just going to go to waste` So, I`m probably not the best advice giver….many a leftover pastry has found it`s way to my tum.

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  5. Just wondering…did you really eat all 7 of those desserts? Or just bites of each?

    Jw. Not judging! 🙂 That would make ME feel sick though! ahaha. Not that I would know or anything 😉

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