Treadmill = Boring

I don’t care what anyone says, the treadmill is boring.

For me, there is a huge difference between running outside and running on a treadmill.

Running outside typically makes me feel like this:

But running on a treadmill makes me feel like this:

I much prefer to run outside, but it’s too darn cold right now. Winter runners, I envy you. I ran outdoors in the a.m. a few days a week until November, but as soon as the temperature dipped below zero I hightailed it to the gym before I started to hate running again.

I am signing up for my first 5k race in April (wooo!), and I will be setting a time goal, which means I have to prepare. The treadmill is a necessary beast right now, and it’s been my cardio machine of choice at the gym lately.

I have heard my friends complaining about the boring and uninspiring treadmill, and how they avoid it, and I totally feel their pain. So I have been trying to find ways to make myself love it. I will never LOVE it the way I love running outside, but I no longer despise it. Please read on for treadmill inspiration!

Many people like to watch TV while they run on the treadmill. I am not one of those people. Watching TV during my workout makes me want to curl up in a ball on my couch and zone out, it does not make me want to push my body hard.

But what does get me pumped up is music! Playlists are so important to my cardio on the treadmill. I make a new playlist at least monthly and include songs that make me happy and inspire me. They can be slow songs, fast songs, cheesy songs, funny songs, stupid songs, whatever, as long as I can get into it. If I can lip sync? Even better.

Music doesn’t make my treadmill workout all sunshine and rainbows, but it does make it a LOT easier to get through!

Speaking of music, I made a new playlist for February. Check it out!

Another way I like to spice up my time on the treadmill is with intervals. I find the time goes by soo much faster when you mix up running with walking and different inclines. Before I head to the gym I will usually google an interval workout and then write it down and bring it with me. Intervals are great because they give your body time to recover after each burst of sprinting. Plus, a good interval workout tends to kick my bootay and I am a sweaty mess when I’m done, which makes me feel naaiiiice ;).

If you’re new to the interval training thing, I would recommend checking out this website: – Interval Training. There are some good ones there for different running levels.

I also found this interval workout on PBfingers blog:

I have used it a few times and I really like it. If you’re not comfortable running at 8.5, you could alter it to whatever speed you like, but because you have recovery time you should push yourself!

People tend to look at me a bit funny when I’m sprinting like a madwoman one minute and then walking the next minute, but I just concentrate on my music and ignore their weird looks :).

Shape magazine has some good interval workouts as well, and there is always the popular Couch-To-5k running program that includes tons of intervals.

A Full Mind
Plain and simple, a full mind = a short run.

If something comes up that I want to think about, I will save it for my run. For me, running is the best time to think. Since I have started this blog I have used my workout to brainstorm blog posts, which has saved me time writing them later. I find that my mind always seems to drift to food also, and I often fantasize about what I am going to make for my next meal. And of course I think about my lovah ;).

Sorry to end this abruptly, but welp, that’s all I got.

How do you motivate yourself during a boring cardio session?


21 responses to “Treadmill = Boring

  1. The sailor song is a good motivator

  2. OMG, I am dying laughing at the pictures in this post! I love the treadmill that LOLs at you!

    I actually love the treadmill, though. I really love that feeling of “OMG, I’m going to die, I really can’t do this anymore” and then you look down at the time left & it’s however many minutes & you tell yourself to just push through. I probably sound like a masochist right now. I almost can’t wait to get back to work so that I can afford a gym membership again. Almost…

  3. Barbara Streisand!

  4. I too am a long term treadmill hater…I find watching the food network at the gym is also torture and makes the time from treadmill to dinner seem like an eternity. But it feels SOOOO good when you stop. I`m trying the interval thing you sent, breastie…I`ll let ya know how it goes. Those pics are golden lol

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  10. Love the pics! Do you do htem in paint? Because if you do, you are a very talented lady. I can barely do a circle on that thing.

    I also think the treadmill is the devil. There’s something so depressing about running so hard and getting NOWHERE.

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  15. I like to do weird stuff like hold my hands up in the air for a few seconds periodically or try a strange gate (gait?) while running on the treadmill and imagine what those behind me might be thinking (is he mad? … Gifted?)

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