Operation OBA Take Down = Fail

Today’s lunchtime Boccia game was, in my opinion, our biggest yet. It was scheduled against one of the teams from Ontario Basketball (they have two teams in Office Boccia…that is how big of a force they are), and I wanted to win.

No, I wanted to destroy them.

Some of you may know the history between our office and the Ontario Basketball Association (OBA), but if not, let me tell you…we have a bit of an ongoing friendly rivalry. The OBA wins everything. Every time there is any sort of competition with the Provincial Sport Orgs in my building, the OBA cleans up! They also won the last two rounds of Office Boccia (two teams separately, but both from OBA). Basically whenever there is something competitive going on, the OBA puts tons of effort into it, and it pays off. Being the competitive person I am, and to avenge the other offices in our building, I decided about a year ago that it was time the OBA was taken down.

I know, I know, it’s not about winning!

It’s about beating Ontario Basketball :).

Last Year's Boccia Winners (the other team from OBA)

Since we have initiated Operation OBA Take Down, we have beat them in two competitions. The design-a-torch competition last year to celebrate the Olympics, where each sports office designed their own Olympic torch:

Our Olympic Torch (made out of packing tape)

(We got donuts as “medals”. You’ll notice I already ate mine…)

And the holiday door decorating contest this past Christmas:

Holiday Door

We got second, and OBA got third. ParaSport Ontario came in first. This is fine, as we don’t have to win. Again, it’s about beating OBA, which we succeeded in accomplishing.

They did manage to have a staff member win the Halloween costume contest in November, but I have been proud of our recent efforts (also, guess what she was dressed as? A basketball. Was the contest fixed? Probably).

Onto Boccia!
Being team captain, I had to make a pretty serious decision before we even started, as in, who gets to play? We have five members on our team, and only three can play at once. Our coworker Beth was busy, and since Mary, Lexy and I won the last time the three of us played together, I decided it would be best to bench my boss and keep our threesome strong. After some smack talk, he understood it was for the betterment of our team :).

De-Bocci-Ary (pronounced debauchery, and the best. name. ever. for a boccia team, I’m only sad I didn’t think of it) showed up at our office at noon looking big and mean and scary.


Okay, fine. They looked like this:

Ready for Boccia

Still intimidating, I think.

After the coin toss, I threw the jack (white) ball to get us started.

And it basically went downhill from there. We got absolutely slaughtered. The game only lasted two ends, and finished in less than 10 minutes. We lost 5-0. It was an embarrassment and a half.

It was also the quickest game of Boccia I think we’ve ever played, and even I had to admit that they are a strong team.

Good game. I guess.

(Since my boss was benched, he got to be the official photographer.)

We will meet again OBA. And next time we’ll be ready for you ;).

After our game, I drowned my sorrows in my (fluorescent?) lunch.

A big ol’ salad full of baby spinach, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, green onion, sunflower and flax seeds.

And a little lunch supplement in the form of a Druxy’s soup, ’cause defeat makes me hangry!

Druxy's Mediterranean Vegetable Soup

Oh and a leftover Valentine’s treat as well…


PS – I love the OBA really! This rivalry makes our work fun! 😀

Catcha lata!


13 responses to “Operation OBA Take Down = Fail

  1. Lovin the curl you have going on with your hair….I feel like an adoring John McLauchlan right now…

  2. braided Beauty … love your blog !!!

  3. Omg loved it – especially the dramatization!!! Glad you told me about it!

    I think most PSOs have an operation takedown OBA mentality (I also have an operation takedown KidSport mantra going – they’ve beat me 5-0, 5-0, 5-1 over the previous 3 seasons but don’t have to play them this time!). On the brightside OVA’s one win was the result of beating OBA’s third time (that’s right they are multiplying!!) They are OBA’s “developmental squad” – yeh that’s right they have their own LTAD for boccia! Lol. Then we lost the next game to the defending champions 😦

    Nice to know we’re not alone in the fight though!

    • Ahh, I’ll have to edit it, I forgot they actually have THREE teams! I’ve heard about KidSport being a scary force! We play them next week!!! I’m afraid.

      Oh well, at least everyone makes the playoffs 😀
      Although we’ll probably be seeded last, haha.

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