First Run Sign Up

Guess who signed up for their first 5k race today?!

This girl!

(Oh, that’s me, don’t be fooled by the glasses.)

Now for you hardcore runners who may be saying to yourselves “Psh, 5k? I could do that in my sleep,” for me, this is a big deal. Running isn’t easy for me, and it definitely does not come naturally. Chasing after a ball? Sure. Sprinting away from someone who is “it”? No probs. But distance running? Nooo thanks. A year ago running for five kilometers was basically my idea of hell, and until about six months ago I couldn’t even run for that long without stopping.

I am not the speediest of runners, and when I was first starting out running I would make myself get out there and do it, and I would say to myself “I have to run, but I do not have to run fast,” and I didn’t and still don’t. If I need a little push, I still say that to myself.

I have been really starting to enjoy running though (well, outside anyway…you know how I feel about the treadmill), and I want to keep it up, so I decided I needed a goal to work towards.

I have decided to run in the Durham 1/4 marathon (10.5k) in July, and I have roped Andy-roo into doin’ it with me ;). To get me excited about running this distance, I figured running a smaller race in the spring might pump me up. I mentioned this to my coworker Lexy, and being the running enthusiast she is (she’s preggo, so not running currently), she sent me an email with a list of upcoming running events in the Toronto area (this is why she is my office bestie :D).

Her list included about 10 events, but this one caught my eye:

Cadillac Fairview Run
Sunday, April 10
Sunnybook Park, Toronto
Choose either the 10k Run/Walk or the 5k Run/Walk. New Balance tech shirts, scenic course, great post run food and wonderful venue.

Great post run food? Sign me up! Yep, this sounds like the perfect first run for me!

And even better, our intern Mary is going to run this baby with me! Well I say with me, but she will probably be running it way ahead of me, as I have a feeling she is a running superstar. But that’s A-okay, just having her moral support there with me will be awesome. (When we were signing up today we had to list our inspiration for running the event and Mary said hers was me :). Awwww.)

Anywhoozles, Mary and I hit up the New Balance store today at lunchtime to sign ourselves up. And now that we have officially signed up to run this thing, let the training begin! I feel like now I can really start preparing myself. I am hoping the treadmill motivation will follow 😉 (tonight’s treadmill run was ho-hum).

I was originally going to set a time goal for myself, but for my first run I don’t want to set an unrealistic goal and then not be able to reach it. When I cross that finish line, I want to be thinking “I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!” and not “I FAIL!!!” So for my first 5k, my goal is to run the entire thing. That’s it. And if I happen to finish with a good time, it will be a bonus.

After Mary and I left New Balance, we noticed there was a South Street Burger in the area. I have never been there before, but I have heard they have the most amazing burgers in the world. Since we just signed up for a race, and are therefore going to be running a lot in the coming weeks, we thought we should indulge a little.

South Street Burger also happens to have New York Fries. I have never left New York Fries without a poutine. I could not not get a poutine, it’s tradition! But I also had to try a burger…

I ended up with this:

A MINI burger (with a whole wheat bun FYI!) and a poutine.

It was so, so delicious. My mouth is watering now just looking at the above photo…

I had quite the salad beast for dinner, so I feel like I made up for it slightly (sadly the beast went unpictured).

Au revoir mes petits amis!


8 responses to “First Run Sign Up

  1. Good for you Lindsey! I cannot believe you were able to talk my brother into running too! So is he going to buy those special running shorts! Ha!

  2. Hey 🙂 congrats to you! This is super exciting.

    I can’t wait to get back into running after having the baby. I’ve got a date with New Balance in June to get new runners. Good luck!

    Keep up the posts. I hope to read more about your training adventures.

    Cheryl B

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