Muesli & Spoga

It’s Friday and I am pumped!

I tend to do a weird spread eagle thing with my legs when I get excited. I know, it’s attractive. I like it.

And yes, that is a Justin Bieber magazine on my ottoman. Don’t judge. It’s Andrew’s.

Shmanyways, not only is it Friday, it’s also a three day weekend! Hurray for Family Day!

Friday’s have been known to me lately as double workout day, or Spoga day, because I usually do lunchtime yoga, and then spinning after work (spinning + yoga = spoga, get it? Yeah, I’m a cheesefest).

I have realllllly been loving yoga lately. I had to miss it last week because of a meeting, and it was nice to be back to downward dogging today. Today’s class went by way too quickly (which means it’s good), and afterwards I felt stretched and relaxed to the max…and also like I wanted to stay in Savasna (Corpse Pose) for the rest of the day ;).

I can’t believe I ever doubted I would like yoga. It is not sitting around breathing, as I originally thought. It is actually quite a workout. We have an awesome instructor for lunchtime yoga, who really encourages being conscious of your body and your breathing, more than any other instructor I’ve ever had. It really gets me into it, and I find myself actually paying attention to my body and how it feels in certain positions. I don’t know how to better explain that…But I like it.

And we have second instructor who just walks around the class and massages you deeper into your position. That is always a good time. I love it when she stops by my mat.

I am also happy to say that spinning is getting SLIGHTLY easier. I am already noticing a difference in what I can handle, and for the first time since I started spinning, I didn’t have the feeling of “I can’t go on!” so that was nice. I was still jelloid when it was over, of course.


I tried out a new breakfast this morning!

Good For Me!


This caught my eye in the grocery store last weekend. It was peeking out of the organic section and looking all bright and delicious and on sale.  And good for me! I haven’t had museli since I was really young, but I do keep hearing positive things about it so I’ve been anxious to try it out. It seems like a good alternative to cereal (not that I am anti cereal, but cereal is dangerous for me. I have serious portion control issues around cereal. And I also find it doesn’t fill me up.)

Bag O' Muesli

Yummy looking, oui?

I decided to make a museli yogurt bowl which included vanilla Liberté Greek yogurt, blueberries, and raspberries.

Muesli and Yogurt and Berries, oh my!

(side note: I LOVE raspberries. Favourite berry of all time, hands down, no competition. Raspberries are the superior berry.)

This was a delicious and filling breakfast, and a perfect way to start my spoga day.

Stirred Up

Now I have some serious leisuring to get started on! S’laters!


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