This Post is Dedicated to my Bestie

If there is one person who loves food as much as me (oh, and my Nana) it is this girl right here:

Sweet Stache

Lisa, my very bestest.

Lisa’s family had a cottage near my house growing up, so we met skating on Lake Scugog over the Christmas holidays when we were about nine. It probably looked something like this:

‘Cause we’re pro-stars like that.

We have basically been inseparable since.

Lisa shares my intense love of cheese (she may actually love it more, as she once wanted to melt an entire Cracker Barrel block of it on top of pasta and I, of all people, had to talk her out of it), and she also has an insane amount of love for all things gummy.


I associate a lot of my friends with food and always remember the kinds of food that I have eaten with them. For example, my good friend Melissa P. will always remind me of Texas Toast because when it first came out we thought it was the greatest thing we had ever eaten and ate an entire loaf of it ourselves. And when I think of my friend Lisa P. I think of brie cheese, because we are both obsessed with it and I always eat it at her house. The last two times I have seen her we have shared deep fried pickles, so now I think of those also.

But Lisa and I have been friends for almost 20 years (holy shmoly, we’re old!), so obviously our relationship has gone through a lot of food stages in that time.

Circa Grade 10

Around the time we first met I can remember pigging out on dill pickle chips and playing intense games of Crazy 8’s. And drinking gallons of hot chocolate with marshmallows when we came inside from nighttime skating.

We would spend entire summers suntanning on the dock reading Archie Comics and Christopher Pike books, with Sun-In in our hair, and eating mass amounts of 5 cent candies that surrounded us. And occasionally rolling into the water when we got too hot.

(The old gang on the dock. I am in the middle in that attractive blue and white number. Lisa is second from the left, and she is sharing a waterski with Melissa, my Texas Toast lovin’ pal. I would have been about 12 here.)

When rain forced us inside, we watched Mallrats, Clueless and Wayne’s World over and over (and over and over) again, eating Sun Chips and drinking Fruitopia. And eating Heavenly Hash ice cream if we could convince someone to drive us to the store.

I remember her mom’s death-by-chocolate cake that I thought was the best thing I had ever tasted (aside from Texas Toast), and she would make it for all of Lisa’s birthday parties.


(That is clearly not a death by chocolate cake, but you get the idea… Also, I totally made that cake!)

I remember the countless sleepovers in tents filled with Tostitos chips and salsa. And later, beer.

Just a Bit of Riverdancing...

Her dad’s (or Daddy Brook as I used to call him, until I got too old and it started to sound creepy) awesome poached eggs on toast for breakfast.

And the millions of lunches filled with Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup (Lisa’s specialty), and Kraft Dinner (my specialty), and open-faced toast with cheese, tomato and bacon (my mom’s specialty), and camping with Breton crackers topped with salami, cheese and pickles (best combination of life).

Circa 2005

(Remind me to check out this photo if I am ever considering getting bangs again…)

And when her and I lived at her cottage a few years ago, we both had a thing for Greek salad, so we ate it almost every single day. And we would eat feta cheese on whatever we could find to put feta cheese on.

XC Skiing 2010

As most best friends do, we have a million stories and inside jokes. And we also have an endless amount of food memories.

Lisa has been a huge influence to me in starting this blog. In August 2009, she moved to Calgary, so I can no longer share every-day eats with her. This blog is a way for me to keep her knowing about my daily stories, and my food-related adventures. Because I find that whenever we get a chance to catch up, the first thing I have to tell her is often something food-related.

New Years 2008-09

When I randomly won a $50 gift certificate for cheese on Twitter in a contest I didn’t even know I entered, Lisa was the first person I wanted to tell.

When McDonald’s got this new and absolutely amazing Mediterranean chicken salad, I know how excited she was to tell me about it.

And when that salad was recently discontinued (which I have a serious beef with), she was the first person I complained to!

I love going anywhere with her, because I know she is just as lunch-oriented as I am, so my hungry monster will never rear its ugly head.

She is truly my food soulmate.

And I know this has been a seriously photo-heavy post, but I will just leave you with one more:


37 responses to “This Post is Dedicated to my Bestie

  1. Aw, I`m dying!!!
    You`re right, the blog has made me feel like i know what you`re up to more…which is excellent. You are my food soul mate as well…that post was better than our cinnamon suger toast…and that toast was awesome!!
    Keep it up buttercup!

  2. So cute you two! Reading this almost made me shed a tear 🙂 I had no idea you could have a food soul mate- haha. This got me thinking about who mine might be…. It’s certainly not Dallas as he could practically live as a carnivore if it wasn’t for me.

  3. LOVE couscous and now Quinoa mmmmmmm. I have been adding some to my salads to give them a little extra texture or I replace rice with it sometimes. Have you tried it?

    • I do that with couscous sometimes, and that is exactly what I want to do with quinoa (add to salads and replace as rice), but I have been having serious trouble finding it! I have looked literally everywhere in Superstore, but I guess I have to branch out and try another chain.

  4. Awwww, breastie besties.

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  21. Perhaps you are actually Canada me. Because my best friend is also named Lisa. And we have been friends for 30 years. And we used to make this cinnamon toast – it was actually just bread with butter and cinnamon and sugar spinkled on that we heated up in the microwave. And we’d make faces on our ice cream out of Oreos. And my bestie also named my blog. Which sounded good at the time. You know, when I didn’t know other blogs existed with the exact same name. Eh, you can’t win em all. 🙂

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