So Nice We Ate There Twice

I have been doing a lot of eating this long weekend, and restaurant-dining in particular.

I try to make my own meals as much as possible, to save money and also because I find it really hard to eat healthy in restaurants, so Andrew and I don’t go out for dinner very often (unlike our college days when we rarely made our own food). We will typically order pizza one evening a week, and then go out for dinner with friends (or ourselves) one night on the weekend.

FYI, supplementing my lunch with a Druxy’s soup doesn’t count as eating out. Because I say so.

This weekend we ate back-to-back meals out with our friends Mike and Bri (mentioned in my Valentine’s post).

Bri & Mike

We met up with them on Saturday evening at The Royal Oak, a fairly new British pub in our neighbourhood.

Oak Menu

I really like the Oak. I have gone a few times and I think it has an awesome atmosphere and good food.

Andrew and I

To start, the four of us shared a plate of deep fried pickles (I am loooving them lately), and a plate of breaded jumbo butterfly shrimp, like shrimp wings.

Deep Fried Pickles & Shrimp

(I had about 10 seconds to take this photo before those plates were ransacked.)

Healthy, I know. This is what I’m saying about eating out, it is nearly impossible to eat healthy. Everything was delicious though. I don’t know what it is with deep fried pickles, but that combination of salty, juicy pickle with the breading creates a party in my mouth. So good.

I ordered a Caesar also to start and I have to say I was disappointed!

That's It?

A lemon slice? What the heck? Where’s my snack! They couldn’t have added a stick of celery or something? 😉 Geez.

I made up for the lack of nutrition in my appetizer with my dinner. Kind of. Salmon with a spicy thai glaze, mashed potatoes (gravy on the side) and garden salad (balsamic vinaigrette on the side).

Salmon, Potatoes, Salad

My salmon was actually delicious. Since the Oak mostly tended to serve British pub fare (makes sense since it was a British pub), I’m sure salmon is not their specialty. But it was really good. Bri ordered a lightly breaded haddock and said hers was fab also.

Andrew ordered wings (surprise surprise) and onion rings, and I definitely dabbled in those.

Crispy, Oniony, Deliciousness

Probably the best onion rings I’ve ever had, actually.

No dessert, since we were all stuffed. We just headed back to our pad for a boys against girls Euchre tournament. The girls won. Twice. Just saying…

While we were at dinner, Mike noticed it said “best breakfast in town” on the promotional menu. When Mike saw this kind of claim, he of course wanted to see if it was true. Mike is the greasy breakfast connoisseur, and saying your breakfast is the best is a bold statement, especially for someone who has enjoyed a lot of breakfasts. Breakfast eating is Mike’s speciality.

Man vs. Food

Actually, eating in general is Mike’s specialty.

(Edit: In the above picture Mike is eating a spider dog. I realize it looks like some sort of rodent, so thought I should clear that up)

Mike is a skinny minx, but I have never seen someone eat as much as him. One time we were out for breakfast and he ordered two full breakfasts for just himself, and one included perogies as a a side. He is literally a bottomless pit. It’s a quality I can admire for sure.

Soo, because of that breakfast statement, the next morning found the four of us back at the Oak. To prove “best breakfast in town!” wrong. Or right.

Menu, Breakfast Edition

A bit too early for pictures of ourselves, but I did manage to snap a pic of my breakfast:

Holy Homefries!

Veggie omelette with cheese, whole wheat toast, and homefries…and a friggin’ lot of them. I don’t want to pull an Andrew’s grandma and complain about receiving too much food, but that is seriously more than half a plate of homefries. They were so crispy and delicious too, as I’m pretty sure they were deep fried.

I should mention, if it’s not already clear, that I am not dieting. I am simply trying to make healthy choices every day for my meals (including protein, veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats), while giving in to the odd temptation.

So once again, this is what I mean about eating out. An entire plate full of deep fried potatoes is obviously not a nutritious meal, and throws a wrench into my healthy eating plans. The Royal Oak does have very good food, but my beef with breakfast was that there were not a lot of options, and the homefries came with all of them.

It’s a pub though, what do you want? I’m sure that would be a dream for some people.

Like the two guys on the ends…

Mike had the best looking (though unhealthy) breakfast I had ever seen. Three eggs benedict, toast, and breakfast poutine. I have never even heard of this. Homefries topped with cheese and hollandaise sauce instead of gravy.

I didn’t think to get a picture of it, but even Mike, greasy breakfast champ, admitted that it was a bit too much.

Shmanyways, The Royal Oak has an alright breakfast, but they do not have the best breakfast in town. They better get that statement off their menu ASAP.

Overall, good times and good food with good friends, but I am glad I squeezed in a few workouts this weekend also (hot yoga on Saturday, arc trainer plus weights today).

And I have a pretty healthy (and yummy!) dinner planned for tonight that I’m excited to share with you later!

Happy Family Day!


9 responses to “So Nice We Ate There Twice

  1. Always substitute tomato slices for homefries.Poached eggs toast whole wheat toast sliced tomatoes lettuce and bacon (a little grease) is my standard breakfast out repast

  2. Deep fried pickles!!!! SNOOOKIEEE

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