Not Much Of A Yogi…

Though I said in my how to not hate the treadmill post that a full mind equals a short run, I’ll tell you what a full mind does not equal, and that is a short yoga practice.

A few of my friends and I took a hot yoga class this afternoon, and unlike yoga yesterday, and even during last Saturday’s hot yoga class when I had no trouble clearing my thoughts and concentrating on my breathing and body, I could not stop thinking. My brain would not shut up!

My thought process went something like this:

“Ahh, I feel like I’m on a nice, warm beach.”
“Okay brain, quiet time.”
“Relaxation can start any time now.”
“I’m still in Shavasna, should I already be sweating?”
“My towel feels bunchy under my bum.”
“Shut up brain.”
“Hm, those girl’s pants appear to be see-through.”
“Dear balance, are you on vacation???”
“Aw, Dawn and Leah are cute yogi’s.”
“Hey brain? Shut up.”
“Uh oh, I feel hungry…”
“What should I have for lunch when I get home?”
“I am a HOT tamale.”
“My sweaty feet are sliding off the mat!”
“My legs kinda hurt from Body Pump, that must be why I suck today.”
“Holy Twisty McTwisterson over there, how is he doing that?!”
“There is SWEAT dripping INTO my nose.”
“Oh, my leg hairs are glinting in the sunlight. Attractive.”
“I think my eyeballs are melting.”


It did not stop!

This really affected my practice. Instead of the class seeming short (how it has typically felt for me lately) it seemed to drag on, and my positions were awkward. I couldn’t even concentrate long enough to get my balance properly.

It was not until I got home, and Andrew decided to go pick up Subway (bless his heart), that I realized I hadn’t eaten since 8:45a.m., and it was now almost 3p.m. I knew what had happened. My inner hunger monster was making it impossible to concentrate on anything.

No yoga. FEED ME!

Well lesson learned. I don’t like to eat a lot before hot yoga because it doesn’t make me feel great, but next time I’ll be sure to have a banana or something.

My sub went unpictured as I basically inhaled it, but it was a turkey on whole wheat with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, mustard and sweet onion sauce. My fave.

Also, Body Pump on the same day as hot yoga was not a great idea either. Next time I won’t act like some sort of crazy workout fiend and try to fit two intense ones in the same day. I don’t know what I was thinking, except I hadn’t done Body Pump in a week and a half and I missed it.

Anyway, it has now been a few hours since my sub, so I am off to figure out what’s for dinner! I’m thinking homemade pizza

Have a great night, yogis!


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