Greetings from Blue Mountain Ski Resort!


I’m here for work until tomorrow, as my organization runs sport championships for high school students in Ontario, and our Alpine Skiing Championship is taking place here right now. My main job here today and tomorrow is to take photos.

No, not just self portraits of myself. Lots of these:

Slalom Time

And tonight, of the award and medal presentations, which is my favourite part. The athletes are so excited, which makes me excited.

This is definitely something I love about my job. When we have championships going on, I often travel to the ones that are semi local and take pictures, as well as help out with some other things. It’s a great break, and nice to get out of the office sometimes. Plus I get to enjoy the fruits of our labour, basically see how much this means to the athletes, so that is really rewarding.

Today I posted up in a bush halfway up a ski hill, paparazzi style, and quickly snapped the athletes as they flew by me. It was cold, but I was dressed for it, so it was fun. It was supposed to rain, but it ended up being beautifully sunny, which I was thankful for.

This was my view to the bottom:

Blue Mountain Resort

I love Blue Mountain. So pretty. Although that photo doesn’t really do it justice.

Since this is supposed to be a food blog, I should probably mention I squeezed in a little eating as well…


It was a good burger, I gotta say. I had to snap that sneakily as I was sitting at a table surrounded by students. Who takes pictures of their lunch? Weird.

And one of these babies just now to tide me over until dinner!

Kashi Bars

I bought these on the way up here for a little somethin’ to snack on, ’cause I knew I’d get hungry in between meals. It’s my first time trying them out, although I have been eying them lately at the grocery store. They are quite yummy, but I’d say this kind is a bit mocha heavy.

Last year I was sitting at the head table during the banquet, with other staff and volunteers, and our table was the last to eat (after literally 50 other tables and hundreds of student-athletes). I do not want to sound like I’m complaining. This was obviously no problem with me, we deserved to be last. Of course the athletes should go first since they’d been skiing all day, and this championship is about them. But my hunger monster did not understand this, and it almost came out in full force. This year, I had to be prepared.

No workout today, but I did walk halfway up a ski hill…twice! So that must count for something ;). I might hit up the gym here in the morning.

I gotta go get fancy pants’d up for the banquet!



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