Birthday Shenanigans

Before I get into my adventurous weekend, I have a feel good story I want to share with you guys.

I was at my organization’s Swimming Championship today, and once again being a paparazzi. During one of the paraswimmer heats, for mental disability (we also have blind, deaf, physical), all the swimmers had finished except for one who seemed to be struggling and still had a length and a half to go. The crowd started going absolutely crazy cheering him on. And there were a lot of people there…

(Seriously, I couldn’t even fit them all in the frame)

Everyone cheered and clapped the entire time he swam, and though it probably seemed hopeless for him, and he could have given up, he just kept truckin’ on. When he finally made it to the edge, and looked up, he received a standing ovation. Everyone was on their feet in uproar. It was so loud with screaming and clapping, and he looked so happy and proud of himself. I honestly had tears in my eyes.

Just shows you that it is not always about winning, sometimes it’s just getting the opportunity to participate! 😀

(It is still about beating Ontario Basketball, though…)

Shmanyways, time to recap my birthday shenanigans…

Saturday night I celebrated with some friends and my almost birthday twin Lisa P. (I am including her last initial because it is a popular friend name of mine). Her birthday is the day before mine, Feb. 28, and we have celebrated a LOT of our birthday’s together.

Birthday Girls!

We went out for a night on the town that was a little bit crazy :).

All The Ladies!

From left: me, Sherrie, Lisa (birthday girl), Leanne, and Dawn (one of my gym buddies and high school besties who I’ve mentioned numerous times).

That is the only decent picture of us all being appropriate. Let me tell you, memories were definitely made.

Ladies Again + Glasses

I love those glasses.

On Sunday, Andrew had planned a party to the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto, so we hit that up with our friends Mike and Bri, and Cameron and Leah. It was a big couples date!

And that is where this picture was taken.

Outdoor Adventuring!

If you’re unfamiliar with the adventure show, it was basically a tradeshow for outdoor sports and activities: camping (my fave!), canoeing, cayaking, hiking, biking, running, fishing, etc. We were on the hunt for some new camping gear for our annual summer camping trip…

Andrew the Tent Tester

But we didn’t really see any great deals, so honestly our purchases were mainly food related.

Outdoor Adventure Food Spread

I definitely spent most of my time at the tradeshow in the nutrition area, as they had a lot of new things I wanted to try. And samples!!!

Our purchases included healthy snacks such as roasted chick peas and beans flavoured naturally:

Hot Chicks!

Meatsicks for Android (okay, and maybe me too ;))

And what I was the most excited for:

Flavoured Shelled Flax

Omega Crunch flax seed shakers. The samples of them were amazing, and I tried the maple flavoured one in my oatmeal this morning and it definitely added a certain deliciousness. The garlic one is more for salads and stuff. They were serving that one on crackers with cream cheese at the show. I was sold in seconds.

FYI, Flax seed has numerous health benefits. It is naturally full of fiber, and a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. I have been trying to incorporate it in my meals lately. You can click here to read about the full benefits of flax seed (my friend asked me and I could not answer her properly, so I did a little research).

Overall, the Outdoor Adventure Show was pretty awesome. The nutrition area was hands down my favourite. I really enjoyed talking with all the tradeshow vendors in there and hearing their tips. My only wish was that they had more booths dedicated to running, with apparel, etc.

After the tradeshow we stopped by very favourite restaurant:

Lone Star Texas Grill!

To start, we chowed down on their complimentary and also ridiculously delicious nachos and salsa.


I cannot get enough of their salsa. It is seriously addicting. I ordered three refills of it, and I could probably eat it with a spoon. And they make their tortilla chips there, so they’re pretty darn delicious also. Our table went through two rounds of these. I definitely did not hold back.

For my entree, I obviously had to have chicken fajitas. I have never been to Lone Star and not ordered them. They are AMAZING. They make their own tortilla shells also, which are fresh and warm right from the oven. I think they are better than fajitas anywhere else. I can’t resist them.

Fajita Spread



And since it was my birthday, this obviously had to happen…

Birthday Cowgirl

Vair attractive.

And I like how everyone slides away from me to avoid getting in the cheesy hat picture.

And of course a group shot.

Dinner Party!

From left: Mike, Bri, Me, Andrew, Leah, and Cam.

It was an awesome birthday weekend! Good times with good friends all around!

I’m out!


9 responses to “Birthday Shenanigans

  1. We so need a hat like that for our family bday brunches and dinners! Grandma would just love it. 😉

  2. Spoon is very excited to have made your blog!

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