The Best Things In Life Are Free!

I have said it before, and I will say it again…hurray for free lunches!

Free Lunch!

About once a month we have hotels that come into our building and set up a tradeshow, usually over lunchtime.  With the organizations in my building all being sports-oriented, most of us have championships that take place across the province.  We therefore use a lot of hotels.  The hotels, of course, want our business, so they are all up in our grill.

Usually we just walk around the tradeshow, listen to the representatives’ spiel about all the goods their hotel has to offer, take a free pen, and put our business cards into draws (mainly just so they can contact us later, but today I actually won an overnight stay at a Radisson Suites hotel!  And another time I won a free night at a Renaissance Marriott).

I am easily lured into these tradeshows with the promise of food.  Hotel booking is not even part of my job, but I can listen to anyone rave on about anything if there is free lunch involved.  Free lunch = my guaranteed attendance.

I know most of the peeps in my building feel the same way, because one time a hotel came in (I think it was Super 8), and although their email said “Join us for lunch!” they did not bring lunch with them and we were not happy campers.  I had a meeting with my communications and marketing peeps afterwards, and everyone was talking about the lack of lunch and how they lured us into the tradeshow under false pretenses.  No lunch = no business from us.  It was the word around the water cooler for weeks: “What, no lunch?!  How dare they?”

(Note to future hotels hosting tradeshows in the Sport Alliance building: We like lunch.)

Shmanyways, today’s tradeshow was actually from my organization’s hotel sponsor (Westmont Hospitality Group, which has a large variety of hotels spread across the province, and PS they’re awesome), so no luring required for me today.  Even if they didn’t provide lunch, I would have gone down to mingle and say hi.  But thankfully our sponsor knows the way to my heart, and always has a great food spread.  Today’s was no exception.

Well Hello, Lunch

(Tuna salad wrap, half of a ham sammy on an onion bun, and veggies with dip).

And a brownie for dessert.

Yummers In My Tummers

And in addition to winning the hotel stay, I scored a bunch of free swag!

All The Goods

I was really excited about that Aero bar, because I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten an actual chocolate bar!  (Mini Halloween chocolate bars don’t count.  And neither do Reese Peanut Butter Cups ;).)

And you may remember me raving on about these little chocolate eggs in my Valentine’s post

My Loves

Although I think those are the expensive version of them.  Whatevs, I’ll eat ’em.

Let it be known that I love Westmont Hospitality Group!  And free stuff 😉

After work I headed over to see my favourite little Nanny.

The Nanners

And if you read my post about my Nana, you know what that means…

Care Package

Yep, a care package!

Today’s included a Ziplock bag full of cookies she’s saved from various meals (and a napkin, ’cause she is always prepared), pre-packaged Fudgee-O’s (which are awesome), a banana, and a Fig Newton bar (and EW! is all I have to say about that).

So. Funny.

I also want to share this with you:

Birthday Card

Please note that she added to the inadequate (by her standards) card by including her own words, and those little heart stickers to amp up the decoration (yes, she added those herself).

Seriously.  She is the best.  Ever.

Workout and Dinner

I had an awesome run on the treadmill tonight.  I completed 3 miles in half an hour, and I skipped my usual playlist to listen to the sweet, sultry voice of Jack Johnson, who is probably my favourite musical artist of all time.  It ended up being kind of ironic, because Banana Pancakes came on, and when I got home Anderoni happened to be making banana (and blueberry) pancakes for dinna!

Banana and Blueberry Pancakes

Today is apparently National Pancake Day, which Android had to inform me of.  Um, who is the foodie here?  I need to be more on top of these things!

Anyway, they were delicious.  I smothered those bad boys in syrup and dug in.  I love breakfast for dinner!

Now tell me, what is something unique that one of your grandparents does/did that absolutely warms your heart?


15 responses to “The Best Things In Life Are Free!

  1. My Grandpa used to make me a fried egg sandwich on Scotch bread every morning before school 🙂

  2. Awww, miss our Grandpa!
    Grandma used to make me sugar sandwiches on scotch bread. 🙂

  3. My grandpa taught me how to ride a bike, a 4-wheelerAND a riding lawn mower. Bless his little heart. He didn’t want me to be a useless woman.

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