Woman v. Garlic Bread

Today’s workday was spent mostly papparazzing around at my organization’s girls’ volleyball championships with our intern Mary.

In between games, Mary and I decided we needed some lunch pronto.  Neither of us knew the area, so I did a bit of Googling and found an “authentic” (this is what the website said) Italian restaurant just around the corner that had cheap prices and good reviews.  As soon as I began to picture myself eating pasta I started getting excited, and Mary agreed.  We found our lunch spot.

Palace Pizza and Spaghetti House!

Fancy, Oui?

Note the snow!  What the heck, where is spring?!

Busy Place

Not what I had pictured, but whatever’s clever, I am not picky.  I was just excited to eat.

Mary and I both ordered ravioli with garlic bread.  We figured the garlic bread would just be a slice of toast with some cheese and garlic.  You know, like garlic bread usually is.

Not quite…

Im Supposed To Eat All This?

Turns out the garlic bread was an entire loaf of bread and an entire block of cheese.  And yep, we each ordered one so Mary also received a full plate identical to that one.  I feel like the description of the garlic bread should maybe have described the size of the order of  garlic bread…but what do I know?

As we were getting ready to pay, our server said to us “Next time you girls are in here you might want to think about just ordering ONE garlic bread and sharing it!”

Oh, well then, what a fab idea.  Perhaps if we had known in advance that the plate of garlic bread was worthy of a Man v. Food episode we would have done that.


Anywhoozle, I am once again pulling an Andrew’s grandma and complaining about receiving too much food, so I’ll move on.  It was funny though 😉 (and the bread was good, although I obv could not clean my plate).

Ya know what was also good?


The ravioli!  It was a generous (but not a ridiculously huge) portion, and it was super yummy.  I was very impressed with the sauce.


I couldn’t finish it though after all the garlic bread, and I felt extremely heavy after lunch.  I also felt like I was craving some VEGGIES!

To counteract all my lunchtime carbs, I decided on a salad for din-dins:

Veggie Packed

In tonight’s salad beast was romaine lettuce, baby spinach, broccoli slaw, cucumber, tomato, celery, green onion, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, garlic flax seed, and goat cheese, with fat-free Italian dressing.

Yes it was HUGE.  But it was delicious, and it was good for me!  I felt a lot better after eating that than I did after the garlic bread.

Which would you rather eat?

…A plate full of garlic bread with cheese?

Holy Cheese, Batman

Or…A plate full of salad?

Big Ol Salad

J’adore le fromage, but it was just too much!  I say salad fo sho!


5 responses to “Woman v. Garlic Bread

  1. A plate full of salad with a side of garlic cheese bread…meaning one piece, not 34.

    Yum, getting hungry for lunch.

  2. I’m going to have to go with the g-bread. Regardless of its ridiculous quantities. I’m really not a salad girl. I force side salads on myself. I would never, ever eat one as a meal. Can’t do it! I admire all of you rabbits who can.

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