I finally tried quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) tonight!  I have been meaning to try it out for about six months, after I started noticing it popping up on a bunch of health blogs.  I have been looking around Superstore for it for a while, but I never see it there!  I finally decided to hit up Bulk Barn, and there it was.

Hellooo Quinoa

I also saw this at Bulk Barn and I almost died…


Oh dear heavenly baby of sweetness… I could not trust myself to buy any.  I probably could have eaten that entire bin.

Anyway, back to the healthy awesomeness that is quinoa.  It is commonly referred to as a “supergrain” because it is a complete protein (containing all 8 essential amino acids), and contains a bunch of other vitamins and minerals.  It’s also gluten-free.  Feel free to Google it, but it’s good stuff!


I served it with chicken breast sprinkled with Mrs. Dash and snap peas that I sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic salt before roasting in the oven.

Quinoa Dinner
I was very impressed with the yumminess factor of the quinoa.  And it was super easy to cook, pretty much just like rice! (Shout out to my friend Dawn for pointing me in the right direction with that.)

This was a great dinner.  Even Alejandro cleared his plate, and actually packed some leftover quinoa for his lunch tomorrow!

I also stuck to my promise to mix up my lunch and get away from the salad. Today’s was tuna salad on a toasted whole wheat bagel.

Thursday Lunch

My tuna included celery, cucumber, green onion, garlic flax seeds and a bit of relish.  Andy-roo actually made it!  It was delicious.

I enjoyed my tuna salad with red pepper on the side.  I LOVE red peppa!

We also won a lunchtime Boccia match today!  Mary, my coworker Beth and I played against the Lady Killers, a hybrid team from Badminton Ontario and Waterski and Wakeboard Ontario.  It ended up being a close game, and this actually happened…


That is one of the trickiest shots in Boccia, called the snowman.  This was a sweet move by the other team (thrown from at least 10 feet away!), but unfortunately it did not help them win and we took the game 5-3.

Boccia Ladies

We had to get the measuring tape in there because we had a lot of close balls, and were measuring after practically every throw.

This is actually the second game the three of us have won this week.  Yeah, we’re awesome.  I think my boss will have to be benched for the rest of the season.


I hit up the gym after work for a run on the treadmill, since it is exactly one month until my first 5k race.  It’s coming up!  The treadmill was okay tonight (I completed 3 miles with a pace between 5.5 and 6.5), but man I miss running outside!  I can’t wait for spring…

I rounded out my cardio with 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Hurray for Friday tomorrow, and MARCH BREAK!!!!  Because I work for an educational organization I have it off work ;).  I am so excited. Leisure time!

Have a good night!


7 responses to “Quin-WHAT?

  1. mmm the quinoa meal looks great! quinoa is my new favourtie food…so many interesting things you can do with it! hope you have an awesome week off!

  2. Hello peaches and quinoa. I’m going to honour you with my fave quinoa recipe because I think you can handle it’s sexuality.

    I throw shrimp, feta, spinach, garlic and sun dried tomatoes in with my quinoa and make a stir-fry. It’s probably my fabourite thing that I make and not a lot of effort. I usually make enough for two dinners and the left overs are equally as fab.

    If you ever try it, let me know what you think. I’m tingling in anticipation.

    See you and Don’s bulge this evening!

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