Let The Break Begin

I’m on March Break! YEAHHHH!

Today was an awesome Friday.  I usually find that the days before holidays drag on, but today actually went by super speedy!

I also had this to break up my day…


Lunchtime yoga!

(Photo credit: Mary our intern.  She did take another one where I was actually looking at the camera, but I look like some sort of creepy stalker in it, so this is what you get.)

Today was our 9th week of lunchtime yoga, and I have to say, since we have started I have noticed a huge difference in what my body can handle.  I remember our yoga instructor saying in our first week that one day we would all welcome downward dog as a break pose, instead of being challenging, and she was absolutely right.  It’s not exactly corpse pose but I do find it a good pose to catch my breath in now.


I was really excited for my lunch today.  I had packed myself an amazing one, filled with deliciously nutritious snacks and a salad including leftover quinoa from last night!

Sadly, my lunch was hijacked.  By this guy:

Lunch Thief (and the Paper Bag Princess)

Andrewski forgot his lunch this morning, and he works in an industrial area (although he works in marketing) with no lunch spots nearby, and since I dropped him off at work, he was without car.  I am not about to let my boyfriend starve, so I handed over my lunch and all my good snacks.

He let me keep my apple though, being the awesome boyfriend he is.

I was disappointed about the loss of my lunch, but it was a good excuse to hit up Druxy’s fo’ my mid-day meal.  I switched my regular Druxy’s salad with a grilled cheese sammy, on whole grain bread with no butter and BRIE CHEESE!!!!

Cheesy Yumminess

It was amazing.  The brie was all melty and the bread was perfectly crispy.  I also had a small chili on the side, which went unpictured as I didn’t eat my lunch until 2 pm and I absolutely annihilated it.  Eating that late is pretty much unheard of for me, as I eat at 12:30 every day like clockwork (except on yoga days).

This reminds me of a story.  When our new Assistant Director Mike was starting, my boss and coworker Brian were giving him a tour of our office.  The three of them stopped just outside my office, and my boss said (loudly, so I would know to listen), “Now basically Mike, your main job will be to make sure”…….(long pause)…..(glace into my office for dramatic effect)….”the PRINCESS is kept happy.”  (yes, they call me the Princess, which has a funny story behind it also, but I’ll save it for another time.  And it’s not because I am a spoiled Princess, I don’t want to give you guys the wrong idea.)

My coworker Brian then said “During your training, I’ll be sure to show you where it is SAFE to stand at lunchtime, so you don’t get hurt when SOMEONE comes barreling out of her office.”  Basically saying that if you are in my way at lunch, I will take you out.  Oh how my coworkers make me laugh…

Anyway, back to today.  Since I had given Jannydreusse my Greek yogurt, I also consumed the Aero bar I snagged from Tuesday’s tradeshow for my mid-morning snack…


(If they’re trying to make that checkmark look like a health check symbol, I don’t think they’re fooling anyone…)

Though my chocolate bar was all sorts of delicious, it did nothing to tide me over until lunch, and my hunger monster threatened to come out while I was in Druxy’s waiting for my grilled cheese to cook.

I was very busy after lunch, and before I knew it, it was 4:00!

After work I headed straight to spinning.  Last week’s class was cancelled, and I missed the week before, so it was nice to be back into the spin of things.  I worked extra hard today to get rid of that Aero bar, so I was a sweaty beast when it was over.  My friend Dawn was on the bike beside me though, and I was able to chat with her a lot during (and have some fun with our awesome instructor Don), so the time went by really fast.

I am off to start my leisuring so…let the break begin!


4 responses to “Let The Break Begin

  1. Reading your blog makes me laugh out loud! LOL!! Love it! So nice of you to give up your lunch for my sumo wrestler bro. Enjoy your holidays! 🙂

  2. I’m starting to see some definition in those yoga arms! So proud of you buddy 🙂

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