Buffets Are Dangerous

No workout for this girl today, and good thing since I ate half my body weight in Chinese buffet food…

Ando and I had a lunch date with my dad and stepmom Mona at Imperial Buffet (which is basically the same as the Mandarin, only maybe slightly better?)

My Dad, Bobby, and I

His friends call him Bob, but my friends call him Bobby.  He likes it.  I have told him time and time again that denim on denim is supremely uncool, but why listen to your obviously much cooler daughter when you can be a Denim Dream?

And yes, he is my wonderful Nana’s son.

Mona eluded any photos.  I guess she doesn’t want to be famous ;).

My favourite part of lunch was when my dad came sauntering over to the table looking all proud of himself carrying this giant plate of food, and I said “Dad, your fly’s undone.” (which it was, I wasn’t trying to slip in a dig about the abundance of denim), and as he looked down to check it out, a chicken ball slid off his plate and onto the floor.  Hehe.

You guys, and I tell you this for free, it is impossible to eat healthy at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  It is a good thing I don’t go to these very often, because I filled my plate up about four times, and veggies seemed to evade all of them…

Salad Plate

Highlight of that plate was the shrimp and mussels for sure.  The crab salad wasn’t bad either.  The potato salad was.

Fried Meat Plate

Chicken balls and torpedo shrimp, and pretty much anything I can put that delicious red sauce on, are my absolute favourite (I eat things for the sauce, remember).  The soggy looking broccoli beside the fried meat stood absolutely no chance, but who goes to buffets for broccoli?  I also had a couple sushi rolls, a cob of corn, and a slice of garlic bread (one slice, not 47) that went unpictured.

And finally…

Dessert Plate

Highlight of this plate: WAFFLE!!!!!!  I love them.  Although everything on this plate was good.

I was beyond full.

Though people tend to joke about my behaviour at buffets (like the comment my coworker Brian makes about me knocking over all the old ladies who are in my way), I am actually not that big of a fan of them, as they obviously focus on quantity over quality and I really don’t find the food to be the greatest.  The exceptions would be fried meat, and dessert, both of which I cannot get enough of.

Grandparents really seem to love buffets though.  I find that Chinese buffets are always a big senior party.  Andrew’s grandma is all about the Mandarin, and we go there every year for her birthday.  There are at least 10 polaroids of her by herself at the Mandarin, in a magnetic birthday frame, one from each year.  If you go through them all from the beginning you can literally watch her age.

After lunch Andreezy and I hit up a couple car dealerships because our current lease is almost up and we are on the hunt for something new!

I’m off to figure out what’s for dinner…although I’m pretty sure I’m never eating again… Oh, you know I’m kidding 😉

How do you eat healthy at buffets?  Any tips, or do you just avoid them altogether?


7 responses to “Buffets Are Dangerous

  1. I like to see that Bobby is not changing his look. He rocks the canadian tuxedo! I miss Imperial, as Philippe was also a huge fan, I found myself gorging there on more than one occasion. My fav there was always the pepper beef. Soooo good. And I eat the broccoli! And there is something about buffet mashed potatoes that has a secret room in my heart!

    • It could have been worse, he could have been wearing his sleeveless shirt with the Aztec design that he thinks is the coolest thing in the world (I know you’ve seen it). Or his Hawaiian shirt with flowers mixed with Harley motorcycles. Or his speedo. The list goes on…

      I skipped the mashed potatoes and I don’t know why!

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  4. Denim-on-denim or what I like to call ”The Canadian Tuxedo”

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