First Outdoor Run Of The Season!

Since it was a balmy 4 degrees outside this afternoon (and BEAUTIFULLY sunny!) I decided to lace up my sneaks for my first outdoor run of the year!

It was still a bit chilly, but the sunshine definitely made up for it.  It has been so rainy and disgusting outside lately that I’ve basically just been staying indoors (we don’t have a dog, so not really an excuse to go out).  It felt reallllllly nice to finally get some vitamin D.  The sun makes me love my life :D.

I felt a bit off during my first kilometre or so, but I think I started out with a pace that was faster than my usual.  I was also jumping around a lot trying to avoid muddy puddles that were still on the sidewalk in shady sections (no one likes a soaker), which messed with my breathing rhythm.  I started to really feel good after I lightened up my pace a bit and caught my groove, and I ended up running for 50 minutes!  (Though I stopped twice and walked for one minute both times.)

I have only run for that long one other time, in November one sunny Saturday morning when I drove to a nearby provincial park on Lake Ontario (actually my last outdoor run of 2010), and ran on the beach!  But it was easy to run for an hour when this was my scenery:


And this, which is my fave photo and currently still my phone background:

Lake Ontario = Beautiful

Beautiful.  Best run of my life.

I didn’t snap any pics of today’s run, but my route was pretty ho-hum.  Still much better than the treadmill!  Oh, I also made a new playlist just for today’s run, so you can check that out here if you want.  It kept me motivated!

Dinner tonight was Mel’s Cool Beans and Rice!

Mel's Cool Beans (And Rice)...Revisited

Once again I made no changes to her original recipe and it turned out just as amazingly as the first time!  Actually, maybe even better, as I managed to cook my rice perfectly (you’ll notice in the above pic you can see actual grains of rice and not rice-mush like last time.  I was proud of myself ;).)  Thanks again Mel for this awesome recipe, it is a good one!

Dessert was one of this morning’s peanut butter protein bars.

Eat Me.

Seriously, these are dangerously good.  If you like peanut butter, these little babies will make your taste buds go Charlie Sheen insane!  Check the recipe here if you missed it.

Later gators!

What’s your favourite type of music to listen to while you work out?


5 responses to “First Outdoor Run Of The Season!

  1. I have to listen to heavy metal or hardcore gangsta rap when I work out … “I will get cut like fiddy or lil wayne, i will get cut like fiddy or lil wayne” lol

    Looking forward to getting out for my first run of my LIFE soon. In general I only run from cops or responsibilities 😛

    But I will be in better shape at 30, then I was a 25 – that’s my goal!

    • Haha. Woo, first run! Good luck! I really used to hate running, but it gets better the more you do it. I genuinely like it now.

      Heavy metal = cool. Gangsta rap makes me want to punch myself in the face 🙂

  2. I like to listen to ‘Strokin’ by Clarence Carter. Hands down the most motivational song.

  3. Ha, clarence carter is my motivation in life. Good call dawnald.

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