Da ‘Bucks

Tonight I had a catch-up and mustard session with Fran and Amy, two of my friends from college.

Amy, Fran, Moi

I also like to call them Framy.  It’s quicker and it gets the job done.  They like it ;).

We went to Starbucks for a drink and a chatfest.  I ordered a tall mint mocha frappuccino, which isn’t even on the menu, but I used to work at Chapters/Indigo (which has a Starbucks inside it), so I know my way around a ‘Bucks.

My drink was absolutely deeeeeelicious.  I wanted a cold drink in honour of it almost being spring and it was chocolately and minty and refreshing.  Yummy.

Da 'Bucks

No whip and fat-free (though not calorie-free).  I quickly slurped it up and wished it was never ending!

I had another fab run outside today.  40 minutes, about 5.5k.  Mostly flat, super sunny!  Same playlist as yesterday.

I also want to highlight my breakfast this morning, ’cause it was a good one!

Berries + PBPB

A yogurt bowl with plain Greek yogurt topped with blueberries, raspberries and a crumbled up peanut butter protein bar (PBPB :)).

More O' The Yumminess

These PBP bars are the jam.  I am having some serious troubs keeping away from them.  I wish they were made out of broccoli so I could eat an unlimited amount…

I have been getting some questions about plain Greek yogurt, and mainly, how do I get past that bitter taste of bum-oley?  (You can read why I now prefer Greek yogurt over regular yogurt here)

Well friends, it needs to be sweetened up!  I have to sweeten my plain up with honey.  I add at least a teaspoon of honey to one cup of yog and stir it around before adding my toppings.

Honey + Yog = Win

I try to buy vanilla if I can find it, but it’s sold out a lot.  Again, the troubles of being Canadian…we have such a limited Greek yogurt selection :(.  I see that PC has now come out with Greek yogurt (although, once again…often sold out), and I have a new tub of it sitting in my fridge that I will be trying out once my Liberté is all gone.  I’m anxious to see how it compares.

Anywhooz, I’m a tired tamale so I’m off to bed, but a question first:

What’s your favourite breakfast?!


6 responses to “Da ‘Bucks

  1. Phil’s poached egg on toast. The brook mcmuffin he likes to call it. I like to call it “DAMN! That’s delicious!”

  2. My Mom’s pancakes! 🙂

  3. The PC greek yogurt is dirt. As I compared it in a recent post, it has a hint of yeast infection to it. I stir in sweetner and a frozen jumbleberry blend and the juices from the raspberries pretty much kill the yeast infection, so really they are similar to Monostat. Feel free to spread that little tip.
    In terms of being filling though, I do agree, you can’t beat the Greek. Just plug your nose and take your medicine.

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