Neb’s Fun World

Last night Ando’s 12-year-old daughter Taylor was here for a sleepova, and we decided that we should do something fun today since we are both ladies of leisure this week.

It was rainy and gross outside this morning, making indoor fun sound like a good game plan.  We squeezed in a decent breakfast, blueberry Eggo’s for Taylor, and a toasted whole wheat (Weight Watchers) bagel topped with peanut butter, nectarine slices, and cinnamon for me, which you may remember from my Jack Astor’s post.

Yummy Breakfast

I also sprinkled some maple flax seed on top to give it a little crunch.


This combination is delicious!

After breaky, Tay and I hit up Neb’s Fun World!  Neb’s was originally a 5-pin bowling alley (Neb actually stands for North End Bowl) that added a bunch of attractions including Go Karts, a rock climbing wall, bumper cars, jumping castles, air tag, and some other fun stuff.  One thing I will say about Neb’s, is it is actually SUPER fun.


That attractive picture was taken on the Himilaya, one of those rides where a circle of carts spins really fast forwards and then backwards.  I remember them from fair’s when I was younger.  It actually did go pretty fast, for a kids’ ride.  I was afraid.



We did all the good stuff, Go Karts, the climbing wall, bumper cars and bowling.

Guess who came in first at the Go Karts?

Go Kart Champ

You betcha!  I was just behind a little boy the entire time, until the end when I managed to squeeze in the inside and bump him out.  Sucka!

I’m just kidding.  Well, just about the “sucka” part.  Truthfully my cart seemed to be faster than everyone’s.  Taylor says they make your cart faster depending on how old you are, and since I was obviously the oldest (by a LOT), maybe that’s what was up.  Oh well, no complaints here!

One thing I was not able to do was climb to the top of the rock tower.  But guess who did?!

Pro Star

Taylor the rock climbing superstar…she made it up there six times!  I was proud, and took lots of (blurry) photos.  In my climbing defense, I was in the hardest section and it was hard.  I was so, so close to the top, and just about to hit the buzzer when my foot slipped and I fell :(…but falling is the most fun.

Rock Climbers

One time we were here with Ando and he fell from the top right into that shelf that’s behind me in the above pic (which had a bunch of helmets on it at the time), and it all came crashing to the ground and the helmets went flying everywhere.  Taylor and I both fell off the wall, dying laughing.

Next up was bowling.  I have not been in forever, and apparently I am getting worse at it with age… Taylor absolutely slaughtered me.


I didn’t get a strike or a spare!  Ohh well, good times.

After Neb’s we needed some LUNCH!  I was so close to ordering bowling alley food, and it would have been a large poutine for sure ’cause I was starving, but in the end we decided to go to Pita Pit.  I probably saved myself a bagillion calories.


I got the roasted chicken on a whole wheat pita with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, red onion, cheddar cheese, tzatziki sauce and mustard (that I asked for by accident).  Yummers.

We had a really fun day!  I’m off to get ready for BodyPump!


2 responses to “Neb’s Fun World

  1. Fun day! I totally laughed out loud reading about Andrew falling into the shelf! Teehee!!

  2. good times ! <33

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