Jo’s MUZIKal Birthday

Last night myself and a bunch of ladies had a big night out to celebrate our friend Joanna’s birthday!

Beautiful Jo + Beautiful Cake

All my gals from the Mr. B dinner were in attendance, as well as another friend of Jo’s, her sister, two cousins, and soon-to-be sister-in-law.  There were 10 of us in total.

All The Ladies!

Obviously we took a million pictures.

The agenda included taking a limo to an upscale club downtown called MUZIK, but first we all met up at Jo’s sister’s house in the afternoon for dinner and to get ready together.

Set Table

The birthday girl made us all a beautiful dinner including stuffed chicken, asparagus, roasted rosemary potatoes and salad.

Yummy Dinner

Everything was deeeeelicious, and I cleaned my plate.  The stuffed chicken was definitely the highlight, and I want to recreate that dish myself, so I will try to find out the recipe Jo used and post it on here!

Of course I also snagged a slice of that good looking cake…


I loved this cake.  Butter cream icing is my very favourite icing in the whole world (it reminds me of my Nana‘s cakes :)), and this butter cream icing was incredible!  I ate my entire slice, and also had some extra icing that some silly fool scraped off their cake ;).

Dinner Party!

We had a great dinner party!

After dinner we got ready for our impending dancefest and waited for the limo to arrive.  We took an SUV limo downtown, and it was still very roomy with all of us jam-packed in there.  We had a fabbity-fab time snapping pics and jamming out to limo beats!

And of course, as is customary in limos, champagne drinking.

High School Loves

Our limo driver was super awesome.  He made a sneaky pit stop on the way home and got us a surprise pizza!  We were all big fans, of course.  I ransacked two slices and they were goooood.

MUZIK was pretty luxurious… I am not a big club person so it was my first time there, and it was very fancy shmancy.  And expensive.  Apparently this is the place to be seen in Toronto if you are into the club scene, and I hear it’s usually packed with celebrities (unfortunately no celeb sightings for us).

Blurry MUZIK Girls

We all had a very good time dancing and generally feeling important.

Feeling Important

And I did feel very swanky.


Obviously the glasses made an appearance, I don’t think Dawn goes anywhere without them.  We wore them inside and were a hit immediately, especially with the Playboy Bunny-type girls who are just inside the club ready to greet you.

I had a great time.  It was a fun girls’ night out, and I know Jo had an awesome birthday!

Now I’m off to get some chores done before tomorrow, because March Break is OVER and it’s back to reality for me!


7 responses to “Jo’s MUZIKal Birthday

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