Healthy Eating Habits

Before I get into today’s eats, I want to talk about healthy eating.  Exciting, I know.

When I joined my new gym, I had an assessment with a personal trainer who asked me to rate my eating habits on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being I could not possibly eat any healthier, and 1 being I eat nothing but double cheesy’s).  I said I’d give myself a 7.5.  She then asked me what I thought I could do to bring that number up to a 9 or a 10.

I thought about it for a minute before answering honestly, I don’t want my eating to be a 9 or a 10.  I love cookies and cake and ice cream and pizza, and if being a 9 or a 10 means I can’t enjoy those things anymore, I don’t want any part of it.

I think for a healthy diet to be successful it needs to include “bad foods.”  If I have a temptation, I give into it!  If I deprived myself of the foods I love, the need to eat them would grow inside of me (you always want what you can’t have, right?), and my hunger monster would emerge ready to eat an entire chocolate cake.


I remember reading in a magazine a long time ago that eating one cookie isn’t going to kill your diet, but you might be in trouble if you eat the whole bag!  That has really stuck with me, and I totally embrace that.  Sure I have been known to be kind of a cookie monster…but most days I include a good mix of veggies, healthy fats and whole grains.

I try to embrace healthy eating habits as much as I can, but food is fun!  If I want ice cream for dessert, I’m having ice cream for dessert!  I will never say no to a slice of cake, and if a cookie comes my way I’ll be on it in seconds.

Eating mostly healthy sounds a lot better and more maintainable to me, than eating only healthy.  Sure, I could probably be an 8 (we all know I have some portion control issues, as referenced here, here and here), but I find that giving into my temptations actually keeps my diet (not that I’m dieting) on a better track.

Anyways, today I ate mostly healthy…

I started my day off with another green monster!

Me + Monsta

Though green monsters look and sound disgusting, they are seriously delicious and becoming a new breakfast staple for me!  This is my third since my very first St. Patty’s Day Green Monster, and the last two I made for Andreezy as well.  He likes them too, which should tell you something, ‘cause he can be a picky little minx…

I didn’t snap a pic of him drinking his green monster this morning though, as he was fresh out of the shower in only a towel… 😉  Risqué.

I switched it up a bit this morning and made a strawberry banana one.  Here is the recipe:

Strawberry Banana Green Monster

Serves 2 (and we had a bit extra left over)


  • 2 large frozen bananas (peel before freezing)
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 2.25 cups almond milk
  • 3 generous handfuls of spinach

Throw it all in the blender…

Blender Party

Pulse until smoothy-smooth.

Green(ish) Monster

Not quite as green as my St. Patty’s mint green monster, but I think the mint leaves added a little extra.  Plus it was sunny out that day so I got a better picture.  Seriously delicious though!  You would never know it’s packed with spinach…

I was busy again today, but I also squeezed in a decent lunch (of course I did)…

PBP + Flax

Peanut butter and sliced peach on a toasted whole wheat bagel, with maple flax seeds on top for some crunch.  Handful of grape tomatoes on the side.  Peaches aren’t in season yet, so it could have been yummier, but still…yummers.

And while we’re on the food profiling, I guess I’ll mention my dinner, because it truly was delicious!

It was tacos…with a twist!

Cheesy Taco Bake

I got the idea from Old El Paso’s cheesy taco bake, which I made before, but it is HIGH in calories.  I figured I could make a bit of a healthier version myself.

After I browned some lean ground beef, I added half a chopped red onion, a chopped red bell pepper, low sodium taco seasoning (plus a bit of water), and about a cup of Prego marinara sauce.

I layered the mixture on a pie tin (covered with parchment paper) with cheese and four whole wheat tortillas.


Each layer looked like that.

I then baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes (you could go less than that).

It turned out beautifully!  Like a mini Mexican lasagna, and so much more easy and speedy!

Taco Bake


I added sour cream (well, plain Greek yogurt), salsa, lettuce and tomatoes on top to make it a taco party!

Taco Party

Seriously so good.

Oh and I had frozen yogurt for dessert (hence my opening rant).

Mint Chocolate Flake Froyo

No regrets here!

Have a great night!

Question:  Could you rate your current eating habits on a scale of 1 to 10?  What number would you like to be at?


15 responses to “Healthy Eating Habits

  1. Aw, at the risk of pissing off the BF, although I’m sure he would agree, you’re a 10 already 😉

    My diet, well, considering I try not to eat Burger King two days in a row, I’ll give myself a 3. Hey! Today I had subs for dinners … two foot long subs covered in all sorts of sauses … but I won’t have anything else all night!

    It’s been a bad stretch diet wise for me and I feel it, beginning to show it, although I blessed that way but I feel it all the same.

  2. As a smoothie junkie, I was a little nervous to add the spinach; but it’s 7 AM and I’m enjoying this delicious new version! Thanks for the great tip!

  3. I think I shall try your concoction, however, my nocturnal tenants may not enjoy the blender at 8AM, so I might make this a post gym party staple. I love da spinach even on it’s own, so I’m sure it will be a winna!
    I love all of your bagel combos too…I’ve always avoided them because they had such a bad rep for a while but the Weight Watchers ones are smaller and I think probably quite doable. But seriously peach and PB? That gives me a bit of anxiety.

    • Dooo it! But yeah, it would be good any time of the day. It is seriously filling also! I was impressed.

      And yep, I’ve been hitting up Weight Watchers for all my bagel needs lately, they’ve been perfect. I know PB + Peach sounds like a weird combo, but trust me it is so good! I even turned Andrew the skeptic into a lover of it, and I even caught him making it on his own!!!

  4. I’m about an 8 and thats where I would lke to stay! 🙂

    This was the best post ever! Like I am so happy I found your blog! You have seriously changed my life!

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  8. Found you through my bestest girl Aly (lifeofblyss) and I have truly enjoyed your blog. I love all your great eats, pics, etc. Thanks for the inspiration!

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