Happy Spring! Thanks for Snowing!

Hey, I forgot to mention on Monday that it was the first day of spring!

Well happy spring, friends!

Spring? Is That You?

Thanks for snowing 😦

That was the view from my office this afternoon.  You may remember me mentioning in my Yes Please, Goat Cheese! post that if there is even a trace amount of snow, I will sometimes work from home because my 40-50 minute commute to work (and that’s including traffic) can take a looooooong time.

This morning at 7:20 when I left for work the roads were dry and absolutely zero snow was falling, so I thought I was safe…yet somehow I arrived at work at 10:30.  I’m supposed to start at 8:30.  My drive took over three hours!

Basically my entire route looked like this:


Absolutely rammed, and note, not a lot of snow.  I did not drive faster than 10km for two hours, and that is no exaggeration.  I guess in the two weeks since it’s snowed, people have forgotten what snow is and how to drive in it.

This led to something I swore I’d never do…

Boo To Traffic

Take a self-portrait while in my car…  Hey, I was bored.

At least I had a filling and nutritious breakfast to tide me over!


A toasted whole wheat bagel topped with peanut butter, sliced banana, and cinnamon.

But I did break into my lunch around 10 a.m. anyway and hijacked a baby cheese that was going to be for my afternoon snack.  Just a precaution, so this didn’t happen…

Hungry + Stuck In Traffic

Oh well, at least I had a lunchtime Boccia ball match to lift my spirits!  Except we lost, so it didn’t.  Ho hum, pig’s bum. (Oh hey, if you want to read a good boccia match recap, I’d suggest this one against Ontario Basketball)

My afternoon drive was much, much better, even though the roads were 10 times worse by then since it had been snowing all day.  I was grateful for this because I’d much rather be stuck in traffic on my way to work than on my way home.  I even made it to my 5:30 BodyPump class!  And after a serious workout I was in the mood for some serious zaaaaa.


A thin crust grilled vegetable and goat cheese pizza!  Andmo ordered this pizza from Panago while I was at the Pump as a surprise (I knew we were getting pizza, but not what kind).  Pizza makes everything better.  I’ve never tried goat cheese on pizza before and it was delicioso!  I went back for a third slice ;).

Welp, I’m off to bed.  Let’s hope this snow business is over and we can get on with spring, because I’m snowver it!


11 responses to “Happy Spring! Thanks for Snowing!

  1. LOL I love the pouty lip.

  2. Another nice spring day today!
    I totally agree with you…if I must sit in traffic, it’s better for my drive into work then my drive home…….because that’s cutting into MY time!

  3. Your face looks slimmer – you go girl.

    On another note, I left Sunnybrook at 5:45 and got home at 7:16.

    Total distance from work to home = FIVE. EFFING. KMS.


  4. Wow, I think I would have taken my ball & gone home if I got stuck in traffic like that! At least they didn’t expect you to stay later since you got there late! And car photos + baby cheese = excellent distractions! 😀

    PS I need a piece of that pizza! Holy crap it looks delicious! I think I’m ready for lunch!

  5. No snow in Thunder Bay only 22 below this morning but curling rocks

  6. This has nothing to do with anything….but this is the new fitness challenge I’m doing, inspired by my Lunges and Lunch diva Steph. 100 push ups by the end of week 6! I thought of you…..check it out: http://hundredpushups.com/

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