Not So Yummy Dinner

Straight up, tonight’s dinner was less than stellar.

Looks Good But...Meh

Before I left for work this morning I did a little slow cooker experimentation.  I put three chicken breasts in my crockpot along with half a chopped yellow onion, baby carrots and cubed sweet potato.  I covered everything with low-sodium chicken broth, some water (just so everything was covered) and added garlic, chili powder, paprika and Cajun seasoning.

My house smelled delicioso when I arrived home, and I eagerly scooped out the veggies and the chicken for Anderoni and I.  Sadly, nothing tasted overly fantastic.  The chicken was ho-hum and the veggies were just okay.  It was definitely missing something, and next time I think I’d probably add some curry seasoning or paste to give it a bit more flava.  Ohh well…

I am only mentioning this because I feel like every dinner I make and post on here I’m like “OMG!!!  This was SO yummy scrumboes to the max and TOTALLY the BEST thing I’ve ever eaten EVER!  You need to make this RIGHT NOW!!!”

But sometimes dinner’s don’t work out, and that’s cool.  I just want you to know I try to be honest about the deliciousness of my meals, and I wouldn’t recommend trying something if I didn’t think it was good.  I keep it real!

Fortunately, my lunch made up for my less than yummy dinner, because it was pretty darn good.

Tuesday's Awesome Lunch

A turkey wrap, a corned beef wrap, an avocado mango salad with passion fruit dressing, and a dill pickle slice on the side (and some cheese that I think is hiding somewhere).

This lunch was provided by the Coaches Association of Ontario.  I was on their Ontario Coaches Conference committee and they served us lunch during our wrap-up meeting today, as kind of a thank you.  It was a fun meeting, and I was so full afterwards.  I probably could have gotten by on one wrap, but I decided to go big!

We actually had another hotel tradeshow downstairs that was providing lunch today, so I thought about doing a little pre-eating…but I’m glad I held off.

When I got back to my desk after our meeting, this was waiting for me:

It made me laugh because the communications department in my office consists of just me.  My boss likes to get me to do things for him by making me feel important…which works.  Fortunately he is very spelling/grammar savvy so no need to rip apart his work ;).  Today anyway…

I think I’m off to do some treadmill action!  Enjoy your evening!


3 responses to “Not So Yummy Dinner

  1. Hehe, blogging is funny like that – you feel compelled to make everything sound earth-shaking, and even though a lot of it is truly good, some of it is just “meh”. It’s hard to decide what to share on the blog!

  2. your header KILLED me.

    thank you for commenting on my blog- i will definitely be sticking around and keepin’ up with you!

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