Meatless Lunch + Glasses

I skipped out on my lunch break today and headed over to Forever 21 to buy myself a new pair of sunglasses (mine broke because I sat on them :().  Forever 21 (as well as a decent mall) is so close to my work, which is awesome, but dangerous for the ol’ bank account.  I also found a pair of black capris workout tights for $7!  Definitely snatched those up as well…

Before I left I told my boss what I was after, and I walked back into the office wearing my new “sunglasses”.


(Just happened to have those babies in my purse…just in case, you know.)  I don’t think I have ever seen my boss laugh so hard when he saw me.  Best reaction ever.  It was vair amusing.  I also surprised another coworker with them while he was on the phone (also funny), and then everyone wanted in on the fun…

Boss + Glasses

Beth + Glasses

Mary Our Intern + Glasses

Preggo Lexy + Glasses

Baby Bump + Glasses

Nice little work break (thank you Dawn for leaving me your glasses).

After the glasses party, it was time for lunch!

Wednesday Lunch

Today’s lunch consisted of a toasted whole wheat bagel topped with Philadelphia light spinach cream cheese and cucumber (with some extra cucumber and grape tomatoes on the side).  I also had a small handful of peanuts to squeeze in a bit of healthy fats and protein.


I combined my bagel halves to make a healthy and delicious sandwich.  Spinach cream cheese is the jam, PS.  It tastes like spinach dip!  So yummy.

I had intended on hitting up the 5:30 BodyPump class at my gym, but there ended up being a bit of traffic on my way home so I had to skip it.  I was actually disappointed about this, which should tell you how much I really enjoy BodyPump (I have a BodyPump explanation post coming up, but I have some other weights stuff I want to talk about also, so I’m still working on it).

Wednesday’s are usually takeout night because of my BodyPump class, and I hadn’t planned anything for dinner, so Alejandrew and I stopped by Mega Wraps where I picked up a whole wheat chicken breast wrap with lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, onion, cheddar cheese and tzatziki sauce.  It was delicious, and I inhaled it before I could snap any photos.

I did manage to snap a pic of my breakfast though!

Yogurt Bowl

Liberté vanilla Greek yogurt topped with blueberries, craisins and chia seeds.  And I guess I ate a giant blueberry stem that I’m now noticing when I study the above pic…

Oh well, my breakfast hit the spot fo’ sho.

I’m off to watch American Idol with my lova.  Anyone else watching and notice that Scotty McCreery looks like the Mad Magazine guy?  I was just about to make a comparison for you guys but then I googled it and I see it’s already been done!


Have a good evening!

Question: Do you ever have meatless sandwiches for lunch, or do you feel like they won’t satisfy you?

I never used to eat sandwiches for lunch without deli meat, but I have been incorporating them a lot into my lunches lately and I’m finding that I’m not missing anything and I’m still full!


6 responses to “Meatless Lunch + Glasses

  1. daddy enjoys meatless mamas

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  4. Have you tried the garden vegetable sandwich at Tim Horton’s? It’s got cream cheese (whichever kind you chose), lettuce, tomatoes & cucumbers on it, but sometimes they don’t have any cucumbers. It’s not on the menu anymore, and they used to make it with garden vegetable cream cheese, but they don’t have it anymore. It’s delicious. I usually get it with herb & garlic cream cheese on an everything bagel. 🙂

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