Turnip Fries Revisited


After Anderoni returned from golfing today (they walked 18 holes!) we headed up to his parentals house.

Eyes On The Road, Jandreusse

You may notice he’s wearing a buff.  Like the buffs they wear on Survivor.

It’s pretty cool, you can wear it a million ways (though he doesn’t wear his as a tube top, that I know of). He picked it up at the Outdoor Adventure Show when we went on a triple date with our friends Mike, Bri, Cameron and Leah.

I’m happy to report no surprise blizzards hit us on the way up, and even there it was a beautiful spring day.  But there was still some of this…


Crazy.  Andrew’s dad said he doesn’t think it will melt until May, because of all the trees.

We had a great dinner!


More chicken!  It’s okay though, it was good ;).  It looks breaded in that pic, but it wasn’t.  It did have a really good sweet chili sauce though.

And do you notice those fries?


Yep, they are turnip fries!

I can’t lie, they were better than mine.  But I did get the suggestion from Andy-roo’s mom to make them in the first place, so I guess she would be the expert.  She gave me some tips, but I think the biggest one is I should chop my fries thicker.  Also, she cooks hers at 375 degrees (25 degrees lower than me) for about 40 minutes and she doesn’t flip them.

I also enjoyed a little dessert action…

J'adore Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries and strawberries with a bit of orange juice that Andrew’s mom blended together.  And a dollop of cool whip.  It was yummy.

Andy-roo’s grandma is also the queen of care packages (like my own Nana ;)).  They are not quite as funny, but they always include some good Scottish treats.

The Goods

Penguin Bars and TimTams!  I had never heard of either of these before I met Ando’s G-ma, and they are yummy scrumboes to the max.

It was a good little evening.

I’m off to chillax and eat some TimTams.  S’laters!


4 responses to “Turnip Fries Revisited

  1. What! No chocolate mallows from Grandma! Guess she hasn’t been to the Scotch bakers lately.

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