Party Eats

It’s been a busy little Sunday!

Andrewski and I woke up this morning and had a nice leisurely breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast

Over easy eggs (Ando makes them perfectly every time) with turkey (thrown on the griddle for a minute) and mozzarella cheese, on a toasted whole wheat English muffin.  Basically a healthified Egg McMuffin!

Egg McMuffin!

The runny egg version, ’cause I like my yolk!

It’s been a while since I’ve had eggs for breakfast, and I’ve missed them!  This breakfast kept me good and full all morning and into the afternoon.

After running some errands we headed over to our friend Steve’s to celebrate his son Nayte’s fourth birthday.

Homemade Super Mario Cake!

Some of our really good friends were there, including Mike and Bri.

Mellow Yellows (Bri & I)

We had a great time hanging out in the sunny backyard (it was just as nice as yesterday!  Though a bit windy…), and of course, eating.


The shrimp and the cheese tray were the highlights for me and I kept sneaking back inside for more.  I have a hard time resisting finger foods at parties.  Chips aren’t usually a problem but if there’s a cheese tray I’m usually parked in front of it ;).

The snacks held me over nicely until our early dinner of barbecued burgers, green salad, and potato salad.


It was my first barbecue of the season and my burger was so good!  It reminded me of summer ;).

Of course I also scored a slice of that homemade cake!


The icing was the star of this show.  My fave, butter cream!  It was great, but it left me wanting more icing!

Have a great evening!

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7 responses to “Party Eats

  1. Awww, the Mario cake is priceless!

  2. Samantha Keddy

    I LOVE over-easy eggs. Yumm!

  3. Everything looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Yes, love the Mario cake!

  5. Such a pretty picture of the egg yolk! and such a pretty girl!! 🙂

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