Sucker For Packaging

I am the biggest sucker for packaging.  If I see a product that I even already know I’m not a fan of and it’s in a sleek and sexy new package, I’ll think: “Oh hey, maybe it’s good now!” and then I’ll buy it.

There is a shampoo that I hate by Marc Anthony.  It makes my hair smell like a wet dog and feel like straw, but every time they change the bottle design I assume it must be better, and it lures me in all over again.  And every time, it makes my hair smell like a wet dog and feel like straw.

Anywhooz, the reason I mention this is because I was totally lured into an impulse buy today all because of the packaging.

I felt like I really needed something sweet after my lunch today (leftover frittata supplemented with a Druxy’s Tomato and Mushroom Florentine soup), so I wandered down to the convenience store in my building for a little somethin’ somethin’ (yes, very convenient, we also have a hair salon, a dentist, a dry cleaners, and a Druxy’s, as you know), and I saw this:

How sexy and enticing does that pack of gum look?  I was instantly intrigued.  Also, vitality, rejuvenate and luscious all on the same package?  Obviously I’m buying this.

The gum wasn’t bad, but for 2 dolla this is what you get:


So basically just regular, clear packaged Trident gum.  After that attractive packaging, I was expecting a lot more, I gotta say.

I ended up nabbing a Dairy Milk thin chocolate bar as well.  And I was NOT disappointed with that!


I am pretty sure my chocolate craving was inspired by my chocolate breakfast.  It really stole the show today in the meal department (dinner was grilled vegetable and goat cheese pizza from Panago, my new fave kind!).  But my breakfast…it was awesome.  Chocolate and peanut butter oatmeal!


It’s not the greatest pic, I’ll admit.  Oatmeal is not the most photogenic food in the world… But although that looks like a big bowl of bum-oley, I cannot describe to you how delicious it was.

I made my staple bowl of oatmeal with my fave toppings of peanut butter, sliced banana, honey, and a tablespoon of chia seeds, and then I had one bite before deciding I wanted a little something more… I wanted chocolate.  I added about a teaspoon of cocoa and stirred it all up.  Cocoa, by the way, has only 20 calories per tablespoon, 1 gram of fat, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, and a gram of fibre.  Cocoa = win.  (Honey or some sort of sweetener is a must with the cocoa though.)

Chocolate and peanut butter for breakfast?  Oh yes.  Yes yes yes.  So yummy.

I am outttta here, it’s bedtime!

Question:  Do fancy packages lure you into buying things?

I already answered this; yes, yes and thrice YES!


5 responses to “Sucker For Packaging

  1. Gosh I am the biggest package-monger. I have to have all my packages for a certain thing match (IE my shampoo needs to match my conditioner, my hair spray needs to match my mousse…yeah, its bad) but I totally would have fallen for that gum too!

  2. The package does nothing for me. That didn’t sound right. I am talking about food package. I like all of your food pictures. I have been reading a few blogs that mention chia seeds. I know nothing about them. I guess maybe I should research them.

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