Slider Burgers And Practice 5k

Good evening!

Since it is so beautiful outside today, I arrived home from work and immediately jumped into some running gear and laced up my sneaks to get going on my practice 5k!  I had originally planned on doing it tomorrow, but I think I’m going to do a little cross training in the form of spinning instead.

Once I was all ready, I hit the pavement!


And the best part of this run was, I had an impromptu running buddy that I dragged along with me.  In the form of Jandreusse!

Runnin' Buddy

Ando has not run since last summer, so I was very impressed with his sweet smooth stride.  I am so jealous of boys and their natural athletic ability, because if I had tried to run after not running that long I probably would have been curled up in a ball of pain on the sidewalk after half a kilometre.

We ran slower than my usual pace (by about a minute per km), which ended up being awesome for me because I felt like a running superstar!  I was all “I feel like I could run at this pace FOREVER!!!” which I think will really boost my confidence going into my real 5k on Sunday (even if it is untrue, I could not run forever).

Also, I did that same route with Ando at the beginning of last summer and had to stop to walk many, many times.  I was also really out of breath and struggling, but during this run I felt light and carefree!  It is amazing how your body adjusts to running and how quickly you can feel a difference.

The loop we did ended up being 4.8k (ah, close enough), and took us about 38 minutes.  I didn’t listen to my iPod at all, but the time went by really quickly with my buddy.

When we got back all schweaty we were hungry for BEEF!  On tonight’s menu was barbecued slider burgers!

Slider Burgs

So cute, and so good.

These were so easy to prepare.  I took about 1.5 pounds of extra lean ground beef, one whisked egg, two cloves of chopped garlic, and minced onion, which I minced with my Slap Chop…

Slappin' My Troubles Away...

I got all dirty in the bowl with my hands and mixed it all together.  I then formed the beef mixture into patties, using about two tablespoons of beef for each.


Ando the grill master cooked those babies up on the barbz while I showered, and I emerged ready to do some serious EATING!

Git In Mah BELLY!

We served the sliders on whole wheat dinner rolls, which were the perfect size for buns.  These little burgers were good!


I had a sliced grapefruit as “dessert” to squeeze in some sort of fruit/vegetable, since the burgers were kinda lacking in that department.  I probably would have gone for a Penguin bar or a TimTam, but we already ate them all :P.

Here’s some more recent eats for ya:


Toasted whole wheat bagel topped with goat cheese mixed with honey, and apple slices (and about half an hour after this I wandered downstairs to Druxy’s and picked up a small butternut squash soup for a little lunch supplement).

And breakfast:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal

Same as yesterday.  And again, looks like bum, tastes like YUM!

I would also really quickly like to highlight part of my boss’s lunch (I didn’t catch his sandwich):

My Boss's Lunch

His lunch always makes me laugh.  His little bottle of milk in particular.  And his baby carrots and cucumber slices, all packed neatly in his little lunch bag.  Aww…

We ate in the boardroom today because our part-time Special Projects Coordinator Brian was in for lunch (who KILLS me, but more on him another time), so I had the opportunity to snap that photo.

My entire office eats really healthily, which is great because it keeps the presence of junk food down.

I’m off to enjoy the rest of the evening.

A couple articles of possible interest for you:

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13 responses to “Slider Burgers And Practice 5k

  1. Tried your ‘turnip fries tonight … they were great with the imported pepperberry seasoning from Australia (bottled and distributed in Ajax)
    Keep up the good work Lindsay!

  2. I wish my co workers ate healthy. Right now behind me (I wish I had a camera), we have doughnuts, pretzel rods, a pub mix, animal crackers, peanut butter filled pretzels, and chocolate covered raisins. I have to use all of my will power to just say no and stay away.

  3. Andrew should’ve worn his buff running. 😉
    No more penguins or tim tams….hahaha!

  4. I felt like a needed to add and ‘A’ to the end of my name to distinguish myself from the other Catherine (hope her last name doesn’t start with an ‘A’ too!)

    Anyway, I really just wanted to say that my mom does the EXACT same thing as your boss. She always packs milk in an old glass apple juice jar. It is very adorable.

  5. brian riddell

    Good luck on your run. Did you get a waiver from the boss to show his milk bottle? You know how sensitive he is!

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