Bacon Sundaes

Andy-roo and I awoke this morning in the mood to go out for breakfast!  It’s been a while since we ate breakfast out, I think probably since our double meal at The Royal Oak.

After some deliberation, we decided on Denny’s.  I felt like something a little sweet and pancakes were really calling my name.  I ended up ordering the chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes, which came with two eggs (I had mine medium poached), a slice of bacon and a sausage link.

Pancakes Fo' Meeee

It was actually really good (I have to admit I’m not usually the biggest fan of Denny’s), and the pancakes were huge and filling.  I couldn’t finish them, and I am definitely a clean-your-plate kinda gal.

I did save room for dessert though.  I opted for the maple bacon sundae.


Um, I’m kidding.  Seriously Denny’s?  I am open to trying out new food combos (peanut butter and nectarines, for one!), but ice cream with bacon?  That’s just weird and unnecessary.  Blech.

Afterwards we killed some time walking around outside in the sunshine (such a beautiful day!) until our 11:30 movie.  We saw Hanna, and I really liked it.  I stayed interested throughout the entire movie, which is good for me for an action flick.  Sometimes I tend to have a bit of ADD during those… I need a little bit of love or something to keep me into it!

Oh, and this also happened:


Because obviously I can’t resist a photo op.

We have just been kinda leisuring around for the rest of the afternoon, mostly out on the patio.  I have girls’ poker night coming up tonight, and since I’m excited to spread the word about my new favourite combination of goat cheese and honey, I’m off to make a goat cheese and honey dip!

Happy Saturday!

Question: Would you eat a sundae topped with bacon?!


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