Meetings & Middleton


It is has been a crazy day so far.  My organization’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is today until Friday, so myself and my coworkers were running around like crazy people all morning trying to get things prepared for that.  I managed to squeeze in a quick lunch at work (leftover chickpea + couscous from yesterday), before heading to our hotel.  I thought I’d do a quick little bloggity-blog now while I have a chance, because the real fun hasn’t even started yet!

If you don’t work for a non-profit organization, you may be unfamiliar with an AGM.  Ours is two and a half days of meetings in a hotel with my organization’s governing bodies, which includes our Executive, Representatives’ and Principals’ councils.  The members are all teacher-coaches or principals from across Ontario, and volunteer on our committees and councils.  About 80 people in total.  I won’t get into all the different committees and the meeting details, because it’s kind of confusing (and governance is boring)…but that is the gist.

Our AGM is super fun.  Yep, seriously fun.  Hours of meetings is obviously not a crazy good time, but hanging out with everyone afterwards is for sure.  I love spending more time with my fellow staff members, and I only get to see our committee and council members at certain times per year, some of them only once or twice.  Needless to say, I take full advantage of the social times.  And when the meetings are over for the day, we definitely like to get social!

And who doesn’t love hanging out with grownups?  (They are grownups because teachers = grownups)

Getting Social In 2009

I sure love a good grownup party now and then (owning my own house and having a big-girl job doesn’t make me a grownup).

Office Besties With Past Prez

So I am really excited for these meetings, and to see everyone…and to EAT!!!  Rest assured, I will be doing lots of that 😉

I’m outta here!  I have a meeting at 6 (which includes dinner, phew) and my plan is to check out the hotel gym first.  But a few things first…

Do You Love Kate Middleton?

I don’t know if I have much of an opinion, and I haven’t really been following the whole Royal Wedding fandango.  But then I found this blog, and it made me laugh hard, so I’m pretty sure everyone needs to check it out…Kate Middleton For The Win!

Just a sample of what you’ll find there…

Do You Love Ice Cream?

I do, and I heard that TeamBuy (like GroupOn, but Canadian!) is sending their ice cream truck around Toronto this Friday to celebrate spring by giving out free ice cream!

Stops include:
11 a.m. – Queen Street and John Street
1 p.m. – Yonge-Dundas Square
3 p.m. – Bloor Street and St. George
5 p.m. – Union Station

I won’t be in any of these areas, but if you are keep an eye out!  Also, for those of you east of the city like moi, TeamBuy just launched a section for Durham Region on their site.  I’m excited about this, because I find that all the Groupon‘s I’d want to use are usually downtown and not very convenient for me.  I’m hoping Durham has some good ones!

Question:  Are you excited for the Royal Wedding?


3 responses to “Meetings & Middleton

  1. No. I’m not. I’m devestated that Wills never chose me.
    On a happier note, I finally tried a green monster!!! It was a fantastic way to get in some veggies! Thanks diva. You just keep knocking it out of the park.

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