Meeting = Eating

One full day of meetings down, one more to go!

It’s been a good day of eating up in herrrrrre.  I want to post about it quickly before I head up to the hospitality suite, because I know tonight is going to be jam-packed with good times and I won’t get another chance.

I arrived at our meeting first thing this morning with a bit of time to kill, so I got down to business and headed straight for the breakfast table.

Pretty good spread!


I ate my fruit and croissant right away, and then snacked on the fruitcake all morning long and saved my cookie for 10:30 snack-time.

I headed out of the meetings a bit early to set up our volunteers’ prize table, to make sure it was ready for lunch.  I roped our intern Mary into helping me with this.

My Handiwork

(I do have legs…they are hiding)

We have some pretty awesome sponsors who donate a lot of stuff for our AGM, so we definitely give out some good swag.

Next up was lunch!

Caesar salad to start…

Caesar Sal

Followed by chicken with mushroom sauce (so, so good), mashed potatoes, and some veggies on the side.

Main Dish

Dessert was vanilla mousse topped with caramel.  It looked and sounded amazing!


Sadly, was only okay.  I remembered that quote about rating your favourite “bad” foods out of 10 and if they don’t get a 9 or a 10, don’t eat them, and since I would have given this dessert maybe a 5, I had about two bites and then left it.

I’m sure I’ll make up for that tonight.  We tend to have finger foods in the hospitality suite (which I can never resist) and then we go out for dinner!  I’ll be eating lots fo’ sho.

I’m off to get started on that!  S’laters!

Question: Do you eat more when you are out of your regular routine?

I’ve kind of answered this before, but for me yes, yes and YES!  That is a huge lunch, and I would never make that for myself on a workday, but once it’s set in front of me, I clean my plate!


3 responses to “Meeting = Eating

  1. A break in routine definitely leads to a lot of food changes for my diet too!

  2. I want to work where you work. It looks like fun. And to answer your question about routine…YES. I actually had a post about this. Once I get off my normal routine you can forgot about it. For some reason I use that as an excuse to eat all sorts of stuff I shouldn’t eat.

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