Work Is Fun

Ya know what is the best thing about waking up in the same place you’re working?

No commute!

If I wanted I could just roll out of bed and into my meeting, but I am slightly more professional than that.  Instead I slept in almost an hour later than usual, and still managed to squeeze in half an hour at the hotel gym.

How Old Is This Thing?

Which is not the greatest gym in the world…but it did the trick!

I wish my gym opened early enough for me to fit in my workout in the morning, I feel so much better having that checked off my to do list for today.  I also feel less guilty about everything I ate last night ;).

Big Dinna!

Dinner was amazing:  penne with fresh vegetables and tomato sauce, shepherd’s pie, corn, salad, multigrain dinner roll.  Very yummy.


Dessert was a bit of fruit with one of the best dark chocolate tarts I have ever eaten.  I went back for another one of those a bit later.  So good!

Chomp Chomp

After our meeting, I quickly changed into some casual duds and hit up the hospitality suite.  It was a fun. time.

Do The Splits

I have a picture from a couple years ago with our crazy past prez in that position, with two strangers in a restaurant holding his legs up.  The above photo is  a reenactment.  I told you grownups are fun.

A Rose Between Two Thorns

Our crazy past president seems to find his way into every picture.  He is totally the life of the party and loves being the centre of attention.  When we comment about this he says “Hey, I was the middle child in a family of 11 children.”  Fair enough.

Somehow I managed to get a pic without him though.

Byron & I

That would be Lord Byron (or just Brian).  Brian is one of our part-time special project coordinators and one of my favourite people in the world.  He laughs at everything I say, which makes him tip-top in my eyes, and he is also the ringleader of most of the jokes referring to me and my love of food.  He is the one behind the line about taking out old ladies in buffet lines, and he was quick with the one-liners last night (ex- when we were getting in line for the buffet for dinner, he makes a big point to make sure he doesn’t stand in front of me, and warns everyone else not to as well).  He is basically joke after joke, and it makes me laugh.

He also made up the name Princess for me in the office.  He was explaining the reasoning behind Princess to someone last night and said it was because I am slightly high maintenance!  No way!  He went on to explain that when I first started my job I asked for a new computer (and I did need a good one because I do a lot of graphic design for my job), new desk, new camera (listen, the current camera was pretty much the first digital camera ever made, and I needed to take action shots), etc.  Brian was all over this, saying “Oh sure, the Princess gets everything she wants, and I’m still waiting for electricity over in my office…”  It has kind of stemmed from there.

Brian was also behind decorating my office for my birthday a while ago…

Lord Byron & The Princess

Hasn’t he lost a lot of weight?!  I asked him his secret and he walks for 30 minutes almost every morning on the treadmill and he doesn’t eat fried foods.  Go Byron!

Sorry to cut this short my friends, but it’s lunch time and I gotta go!


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