Glasses For All

Hello friends!  Hooray for Friday!

It has been a long (but fun) few days for me, but I am finally back from my meetings!  The meetings themselves are fairly ho-hum, but sometimes there is a bit of excitement.  Our AGM is where all of the major decisions for our organization are made.  Our councils vote on motions that have been put forward by several of our committees, so sometimes there is a big vote and there is a moment of edge-of-your-seat excitement (like, “Is this going to pass?!”).  Mostly ho-hum, though ;).

Yesterday after my quick blog post, I headed up to our hospitality suite to get social!  I brought the “glasses” with me, and they are always a hit with everyone, young and old!

They made their rounds, starting with Mary and I.

(Brian on the far right said he actually had the exact same pair of glasses in his hotel room packed in his bag, just as a huge coincidence  Dawn, are you reading this?!  He said he’s had them for 2o years!  But when he went up to get them he realized he hadn’t packed them after all.  I was so disappointed, that would have killed me.)

Anyway, more glasses pics for you…not done just yet…

Fun times.

There was a large quantity of appetizers that I did some snack-a-lackin’ on.


I was excited for those bacon wrapped scallops (usually a fave of mine), but I ended up being disappointed as they were not the greatest.

Appy's Fo' Meeee

I also dabbled in some salami melon ball action…


And promptly spit it in the garbo.  Weird combination and even weirder tasting!

After talking for a while, and laughing so hard I almost had a minor accident in my pantaloons, most of us headed out for dinner.  We hit up the Firkin’ pub that was nearby and got our eat on!

Lexy (8 Months Preggo & Looking Fab!), Myself, Mary

I ordered the Greek salad, which I enjoyed as a wrap, and it included a side of fries.


My wrap was very good, and those fries weren’t too shabby either.  It’s been a while since I’ve had some real deal fries and I ate ’em all!

Afterwards, we headed back to the hospitality suite and Mary and I decided we wanted to get a Euchre tournament going.  But we could not find cards anywhere.  We checked the front desk, no cards.  We sprinted (actually sprinted) to the closest gas station, and no cards there either.  What could we do?

Being the scrappy and creative gals we are, the lack of cards was not going to stop us.  We found some coupon cards in the lobby that were the same size as playing cards, so we made our own!

Makeshift Cards

We are nothing if not resourceful!  These cards actually worked out perfectly, and we roped several of the lads into playing with us.  We had too many people for Euchre, so we went with A$$hole instead (sorry for the A-bomb, but that’s the name of the game!)

We played for a couple hours and ended up closing the place down.  It was way past my weekday bedtime when I hit the hay.

I woke up early this morning, and not having to commute was once again beautiful!  I was able to sleep in for almost an hour again, despite having to be downstairs for a meeting at 8:30.

I skipped the gym this morning, and instead made my way down to my meeting early and hit up the breakfast table.

Hello, Bagel

Everything bagel and cream cheese with some fruit, and a cookie for a little later… 😉  I also added some watermelon and pineapple to that mix when the fruit plate was replenished.  Since I usually go for bagel thins or Weight Watchers whole wheat bagels, I haven’t had a real bagel in a long time.  It was pretty dense, and was a reminder that I honestly prefer an authentic bagel’s lower-calorie counterpart.

After our meeting ended I headed home and annihilated some leftover pizza that was in our fridge (probably the only thing Andmo has been eating the past couple of days).

It feels good good to be home, and I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular eating habits.  I had a good couple days off that whole healthy eating thang, but my body feels like it’s craving something nutritious, but still delicious.

Enjoy your Friday evening!


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