I Made ‘Em Extra Shloppy For Ya!

If you haven’t guessed by my title, tonight’s dinner was sloppy joe’s!

“I know how youze kids like ’em shloppy!”

Ah, good ol’ Billy Madison.

(Side note: “Youze guys” is one of my biggest pet peeves of all time.  Drives me crazy!)

My sloppy joe’s were a bit healthier than cafeteria fare though ;).  I googled around for recipes, but I didn’t really follow any one in particular.  Almost all of the ones I found called for tomato sauce or paste, and then sugar, which I wasn’t really down with.  I wanted to use ketchup! (yes I know ketchup has sugar in it, but I love it anyway!)

Shloppy Joe

I browned lean ground beef with a sliced medium yellow onion and two cloves of garlic, and then added grated carrot and two stalks of celery sliced thinly to sneak in some veggies, BAM!  To make ’em extra shloppy, I added 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup of ketchup

Shloppy Beef

I topped a whole wheat sandwich thin with the shloppy beef mixture and served turnip fries on the side.

Mah Shloppy Plate

The fries turned out better than the last time I made them!  I took Ando’s mom’s advice and sliced them thicker.  I put them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, sprayed them with olive oil cooking spray, and sprinkled a little garlic salt and Cajun seasoning on them.  I baked them at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Turnip Frites

I am LOVING the turnip fries.  They were perfect with the sloppy Joe’s.  This dinner left me feeling full and happy :D.

I’m off to continue my leisuring.  I may have to watch Billy Madison tonight now…

I will leave you with another one of my fave videos featuring sloppy joe’s…

Sloppy joe, slop-a-sloppy joe, yeah!


2 responses to “I Made ‘Em Extra Shloppy For Ya!

  1. hahaha! this video made my night!!

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