Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Everything is back to normal in my world today, so that means back to your regularly scheduled blogging!  Last night after Android got home from work, we minxed on over to our good friends Janet and Noodle’s for dinner.

Ando & I + The Noodles

They have the cutest little nine month old Jacob, so we had some fun playing with him before his bedtime.


He is so chubby and snuggly, I just wanted to cuddle up with him and pinch his little cheeks all evening.

Little Necklace Eater

So cute.

Janet must have picked up on my inner desire to eat healthily, because she made us an amazingly delicious and healthy dinner!

Simple But Yummy!

Ground turkey in a peanut satay sauce wrapped in romaine lettuce (plus some basmati rice with veggies on the side).  Like little lettuce tacos.

I went back for a third lettuce wrap.  They were so good!  You can bet I’ll be recreating this meal.

After some raspberry sorbet, we hung out with them for a few hours and played some Euchre, girls against boys style (with real cards this time ;)).  I also brought a goat cheese and honey dip with some crackers, which went unpictured.

I was exhausted last night when I finally made it to bed, but I still woke up this morning around 8:30, so I made myself some oatmeal (and ohh how I missed it), and then hit up my gym’s 9:30 BodyPump class!

I’ve been kinda slacking gym-wise this week, and my eating has been less than healthy, so it felt really good to get my muscles pumping (and holy bicep track!).  I felt a lot less blah afterwards.

After some grocery shopping action and a bunch of other random errand running, I came home hungry for a little lunch.

Naan Pizza

I prepped Ando and I a mini pizza made with naan bread, topped with tomato sauce, sliced sweet red peppers, and mozzarella cheese.

Mini Za


I am still feeling a bit worn out from the last few days, so my plan for the rest of the day is to do NOTHING.  I am actually loving that it is rainy and gross outside, so I can invest in some quality cozy couch time.

Question:  Do you feel guilty staying in when it’s bright and sunny outside?

I definitely do.  If it’s sunny and nice out, I feel like I must be doing something outside or I am wasting the day.  I’ve felt this way since I was little, so I guess it’s been ingrained in me.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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