Facing My Fears

Though I genuinely enjoy eating vegetables, there is one vegetable that I have never been a fan of.


Brussels sprouts.  They are evil.

I remember my mom forcing me to eat them when I was little, raving on about how good they are for you, and how if I eat my brussels sprouts I’ll grow up to be big and strong!  I wanted no part in this.  I hated them.  (My mom also used to say you should never hate anything, unless you wished it death.  Well I hated brussels sprouts.  I wished for them to die.)

But when I saw them sitting in the grocery store this weekend looking all fresh and shiny and sprouty (they are attractive looking little sprouts, I will give them that), I decided that maybe it was time to face my fears and give them a try.

I am a firm believer that any vegetable can be good depending on how you prepare it (hello, turnip fries!)  Although, my mom used to prepare her sprouts with cheese sauce, and if cheese sauce doesn’t make them instantly delicious, I don’t know what will…

But anyways, I bought them, and tonight was the night for some sprouts love.

My Nemesis

I washed the sprouts, trimmed the ends, removed any loose leaves, and then chopped them in half.  For my sprouts I decided to prepare them using my never-fail delicious method of cooking veggies, which is spraying them with olive oil, sprinkling with garlic salt, and roasting in the oven.  I baked them at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, and they came out looking pretty good.


I served them with chicken on the side that I sprinkled with Mrs. Dash before cooking in a pan.


I had a whole wheat tortilla on the side with my chicken, and I ended up cutting my chicken into strips, topping it with cheese and salsa, and rolling it up into a wrap.

Wrap It Up!

The chicken was delicious, and the sprouts…were okay.  They were not as disgusting as I feared, but they were not as yummy as I’d hoped.  I found myself doing what I do when there is something on my plate that I don’t particularly like, which is eat it first and get it out of the way so that I can enjoy what’s on the rest of my plate without having to worry about it.  I was shoveling the sprouts in my face, but mainly because I wanted to get rid of them so I could concentrate on my chicken!

I’d eat them again, but they won’t be my vegetable of choice, I’ll tell ya that.  I’m proud of myself for facing my sprout fears though!  (Andmo had a couple.  He was not a fan, but he doesn’t like veggies as much as I do so I didn’t expect him to be.)

Lunch today was leftover quinoa and bean power salad that I mixed with a green salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber) and covered with some organic garlic and sundried tomato dressing that was chilling in the work fridge (does that make me a lunch bandit?).

Quinoa Bean Salad Remix

It was pretty darn good.  I am a fan of how versatile this quinoa salad is.  I supplemented that with a small market vegetable and barley soup from Druxy’s (my fave kind!) but it went unpictured.


After dinner tonight I hit up my gym’s 7:30 BodyPump class.  It was harrrrd to make myself go.  I would have much rather stayed in and done nothing, but I kept thinking about how good I was going to feel after, and how I’ve never regretted a workout, and I made it out the door.  In the end I was really glad I went, and I felt good once I started pumping…the upbeat music always gets me!  And I challenged my chest weight, woo!

Question:  Do you have a veggie that you’re afraid of?  Have you ever faced your fear?


18 responses to “Facing My Fears

  1. I have to say I actually love all veggies! There are a lot of people that share your feeling towards Brussels. I love them roasted and served with hummus or ketchup. I also have a maple bacon recipe on my website that makes them smoky and sweet so they’re not quite as sulfur-tasting.

  2. Awsome reciepes lindsey 🙂 ! Mom still tells me to never hate anything hahaa

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I literally just posted about the same fear of brussels sprouts and eating them for the first time as a grown-up…how freakin funny is that? Blog twin day 😀

  4. I am with Jenny…I have yet to meet a Vege or actually food that I didn’t like. These little balls are kind of scary and when they cook with out anything else can smell yup the entire house.

  5. I’m totally going to try these. I love Brussels sprouts, but I usually steam them, then put butter, salt and pepper. Yummmm.

  6. I have always loved brussel sprouts! I have a scary veggie though too-raw peppers. I just do not enjoy them!

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  9. I just googled brussels sprouts (how bored can one be!), I actually used to like them, my granny made them taste good in a soup. But for awhile she has replaced those little darlings with zucchini (which happens to be yuck!) and I have a mutual hate relationship with paprika (so what you want, for the past 19 years paprika has always made me gag!).. I know I’m kinda stranger in this foodblog or whatever this is, I just had to find out if anyone else hated paprika? 🙂

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