Golfing On A Thursday

Hello friends!  Hurrah for Easter long weekend!  I am definitely looking forward to eating LOTS this weekend.  I have a couple fam jams coming up that will be including turkey and all that good stuff, so I have my stretchy pants laid out and ready.  I love eating holidays!

What kind of Easter celebrations are you looking forward to this weekend?

My long weekend actually started a day early, because I ended up basically having today off.  Our intern Mary had an end-of-the-year golf tournament with her class, and all the students had their internship supervisors take part.  Mary’s immediate supervisor is my coworker Lexy (Mary is in the sports recreation program, and communications is my thang), but Lexy is about 8 months preggo and wasn’t sure how she would do golfing 18 holes.

Someone had to step up to the plate, and I was more than happy to be Lexy’s stand-in for the day!

Excited For Golfing!

Eyes on the road, Mary.

I love golfing.  I am not very good, but I go sometimes with Alejandrew (who LIVES for golfing) and I always have so much fun.

I will just say though, today was absolutely freezing.  Freezing.  Like, it actually snowed.  We golfed in the snow.  What the heck, spring?!  But I was all layered up and well-equipped with Ando’s buff, so not to worry!


I also snagged Ando’s sweet driver, Big Bertha.

Big Bertha!

Big Bertha is my bestie.  She is the best driver in all the world and makes me feel like a golfing superstar.  She always delivers.  I have been known to even use Bertha on the fairway.  Mary used her for a hole and never used her driver again.  Once you go Bertha, you never go back.

The two guys who were supposed to join Mary and I never ended up showing up, so Mary and I were a dynamic duo for the day.

Golf Pros

(The buff is now a hat!  So versatile.)

The tournament was best ball, so whenever we had a bad shot we would just blame it on one of the no-show boys and hit another one (since I guess technically we could have two shots each to make up for their lack of appearance).  There was a bit of: “Oh, my ball’s in the trees?  Welp, that was Ivan’s shot.  Ivan sucks.”

Ivan's Shot?

We ended up accumulating a lot of extra balls.  We made friends with an old Scottish marshal who came around in his cart and brought us balls he’d found (not like we needed them, of course).  And I also had my handy ball retriever.

Ball Retriever

No balls left behind, my friends.

Mary and I surprisingly did not cheat at all (besides shooting occasionally for Ivan and the other guy whose name I forget), and in the end our score was +23.  Definitely the best I’ve ever shot, and when I handed our scorecard in to the lady at the end she was like “Really?  Plus 23 girls?”

I was like “Dang Mary, we might actually win this thing!” thinking it was a good score and we were pro-stars.  I may have even strutted a little.

Nope.  Mary and I ended getting the prize for most honest golfers (read: last).  However, we are winners in my eyes, as this meant we had first pick at the prize table.  So I learned a lesson today.  If you’re not going to win, aim for last, it gets you the best prize.  I scored a hoody because all I wanted to do was warm-up.  When we got in the clubhouse I felt like we had just come in from skiing.  It was COLD!

We also scored some lunch.

Chicken Fingies

Chicken fingers and fries for me!  They were out of burgers, which was my first choice.  My second choice was poutine, but they were out of gravy.  So chicken fingers and fries hit ze spot.  I was ready to eat Mary by this point, I hadn’t eaten since my 6:45 am breakfast (oatmeal), and by the time we got lunch it was after 2pm!  Yowza.  I concentrated mainly on the chicken and didn’t eat too many fries (though they were pretty good).

We also chatted it up with Jan, my fave teacher Mr. B‘s wife.  She is one of Mary’s professors.  It’s a small world in the sporting field!  It was good to see her :).  She told me she was a big fan of the green monsters, yay.

I had a great day of golfing.  Fun times.  I’m off to figure out what’s for dinner! Enjoy your fake Friday!


5 responses to “Golfing On A Thursday

  1. It does look chilly there. Love the ball retriever. As versital as the buff is you could have used it as a swim suit and swam for the lost balls…I am still jealous of you job.

  2. versatile…sorry I can’t spell…I should proof read.

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