It’s A Good Eatin’ Friday

I hope everyone is enjoying their Good Friday and is eating lots!  I definitely did.  I am still full from lunch.  But let’s back up…

This morning I awoke and got straight to baking!  I had picked up Easter cookie-cutters a little while ago with the idea of turning my Nana’s shortbread Christmas cookies into Easter style cookies.

Christmas Cookies

Ando pointed out that the Christmas cookies might not be as special if I started making them for any old occasion…but it’s Easter, it’s a big occasion!  And they are the best cookies I have ever tasted, so any excuse for cookies I say.

Easter Cookies

These cookies involve kind of a long and annoying process (so worth it though), so I will post the recipe on here sometime this weekend, but my cookies did turn out pretty good.  I ate so much icing when I was making them (which is basically like eating butter, only tastes better), and I was starting to feel kind of sick, so I thought I’d counteract with a decent breakfast.


Vanilla Greek yogurt topped with raspberries, blueberries, chia seeds, and Gerber Graduates apple cinnamon puffs (which is a cereal for toddlers…but I like it ;)).  I was able to overcome my sugar coma, and I was ready to take on some serious Easter eating.

Andreezy, Taylor and I headed up to Ando’s parents around 11:30 for a late Easter lunch.

Miss Taylor & I

Android’s mom had set a beautiful table for everyone…

So Pretty

And his grandma added some treats (her specialty)…

Chocolate Fest

We hung out and chatted for a while, and listened to the kids talk about their Easter egg hunt adventures and big wagon ride that morning.

Our Little Niece Is The CUTEST

(Our nephew’s pretty cute too, but he won’t sit still long enough for a picture!  Caitlyn, on the other hand, is a total camera ham.  Kinda like her Auntie Lindsey…)

Once everyone arrived it was time for lunch!

The Spread

It’s hard to see everything in the above photo, but the spread included ham, bacon, pancakes, french toast casserole, egg and salsa wraps (which I now have the recipe for!  I’ll post that up later), broccoli and chicken frittata, hashbrowns, and eggs in a basket.  A LOT of food.

I snagged a bit of everything.

Holy Yumfest

The highlights for me were the egg and salsa wraps (I saved that for last ;)), the chicken and broccoli frittata, and the ham, but everything was delicious!

Notice the little watermelon place tag?  Taylor and I made those for everyone about three years ago, and they’re still around!  We made one for every holiday.

Lunch Party

For dessert I had one of my cookies, and a few of my very favourite chocolate eggs.  I was stuffed.  Could barely move.  It’s almost 7 and I am just starting to get hungry for dinner now (and that plate is looking pretty darn good right now…)

Yay for Easter!

Easter Is Awesome

Taylor got a pretty sweet Easter present too…

Biebs Straw

After lunch I played around with the kids, which means I sat on the floor and let them jump on me.  It was almost a physical activity, so I’m debating putting it in my workout log… 😉  Always a fun time.

Easter Bunnies

Good times all around!


I’m off to get ready, as Ando and I are hitting up a friend’s birthday party this evening.

What are your plans for Easter?!


10 responses to “It’s A Good Eatin’ Friday

  1. Happy Easter! The cookies were yummy. Sam named the bunny you guys gave him Andy! Haha! Great family pic.

    Yay for Lindsey’s blog! 🙂

  2. Not only do I want to work where you work, I want to join your family. Where can I apply?

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  4. Andrew’s family is awesome! I seriously wish my in-laws were as great as you make Andrew’s family seem! I love that Taylor does not smile for any pictures. Oh to be an angsty teen again! 😛

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