Happy Easter, Ya Coconuts!

Happy Easter, ya coconuts!

In high school, my friends and I were on a trip and we made this random sign that we brought around with us that said “Happy Easter, ya coconut!” (it was not even close to Easter), and for some reason it has stuck with me.  Even now whenever I say “Happy Easter” I want to add “ya coconut!”

Today has been, surprise surprise, another awesome day of eating.  Ando and I went to my Dad and stepmother Mona’s house for brunch this morning with my step G-ma, stepbrother Rusty, and his girlfriend Leslie.

Dad & I

My Dad continues to be a fashionista

We once again arrived to a beautifully set table.

Easter Table

And I once again loaded my plate with an assortment of goodies…

My Plate

Egg wrap, which I made (I’ll put up the recipe at the end of this post), ham, smoked salmon with cream cheese, a few veggies, puff pastries, sausage, cheese, and meatsticks.  There were also bagels, but I skipped those and opted instead for a hot cross bun, which went unpictured.

I have noticed that I have an eating pattern.  I will first eat the thing I dislike to get it out of the way (nothing in this case), and then I will rotate around my plate, saving bites of everything, but the very last bite must be of my favourite thing on my plate.  It has to be the last taste in my mouth.  In this case it was the egg and salsa wrap.  I have been saving that for last lately whenever it’s landed on my plate.

Does anyone else do that?  Or am I a weirdo? 😉

For dessert I had some vanilla yogurt with strawberries and cantaloupe…


(Isn’t that little dish beautiful?!)

And then I had a second dessert of strawberry kiwi cake and a little Italian cookie.

Second Dessert

Pretty yummy.

Both our families have been big on mid-day Easter meals this year, which has meant no turkey!  I have thoroughly enjoyed eating breakfast/lunch food though, so it has been A-okay with me.

Sadly, my mom and 17-year-old brother Eric live in BC, so I wasn’t able to see them for Easter this year.

My Bro & I (last year in BC)

Shmanyways, this was another good little Easter celebration, and we spent the morning and afternoon hanging out and chatting.

My dad has a seriously awesome kitty cat.  He is huge and fluffy and snuggly.

Ando + Kitty

I always want to take him home with me when I leave.

Me + Kitty

We felt bad when we arrived home and saw our own two kitties.  We felt like we had cheated on them by snuggling up with another one, so we made sure to give them some love.

Dexter & Winnie

(Note, that is not my hairy arm sneaking in from the side.  This photo is making Andmo look like a caveman…)

I do love my kitty cats :).


Even though the above kitty cat is crazy.

Speaking of cats, my friend Catherine has the best blog about her cat, Kitten.  I highly recommend checking it out, click here: www.kittenthecat.org.

And here is a sample of what you’ll find there…

Like I said, highly recommend.  www.kittenthecat.org – go there!

Tortilla Orlando At Dawn

As promised, here is the egg wrap recipe.  It is seriously so good!  It is from Looneyspoons: Low Fat Made Fun!  By Janet and Greta Podleski, who also wrote Eat, Shrink And Be Merry, and Crazy Plates.  Shout out to Andrew’s sister Sharlene for introducing me to this recipe.  It is always a hit with everyone!

Tortilla Orlando At Dawn

(You can click on the above photo to zoom.)

It’s pretty easy, and super delicious!  Perfect for brunch and breakfast parties.


I’m off to squeeze in a run before dinner, which will probably be something light because I feel like I have been constantly full since Friday!  I am slightly excited to get back to regular eating, I feel pretty _____… (I hate this word, but it starts with a B and rhymes with goated.)

Enjoy your Easter!

Did you have an Easter lunch or dinner with your fam?  What did you eat?!


15 responses to “Happy Easter, Ya Coconuts!

  1. Melanie Kheidr

    Love it! Glad you guys had a great Easter!

  2. I have the same eating pattern as you- best for last-mentality. I like when others have the same quirks as me (makes me feel less weird)

    Cute blog!

  3. Melanie Kheidr

    Oh yeah, my twin sis has been making maple syrup from scratch lately so on Easter weekend we tried your goat cheese dip, but this time we used maple syrup instead of honey. It’s super delicious too! You’ll have to try it sometime.

  4. Hey Kitten Lovah….definitely save the best for last. If there is any kind of vegatable it goes first. For example, last night the cauliflower and potatoes were eaten first and dressing last. Which, P.S. I can’t believe you’re cool beans with no turkey. It rocks my world. Again, perhaps I will have to send some to you in a sopping wet envelope.

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  6. hahah!!….gues u’ve realived you’re no weirdo 😛 i’m the only one with that eating pattern at home meaning i’ve to fight to keep my “good bits” coz the others’ are all long gone :D…………yummy yummmy 🙂 mosy definitely gnna try that recipe! thank you 😉

  7. hahah!!….guess u’ve realised you’re no weirdo 😛 i’m the only one with that eating pattern at home meaning i’ve to fight to keep my “good bits” coz the others’ are all long gone :D…………yummy yummmy 🙂 most definitely gonna try that recipe! thank you 😉

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