I don’t know what was up with my appetite today, but no matter what I ate I couldn’t satisfy it!  All day long I just felt so hungry.  Even if I had just eaten, I wanted a little something more.  I could not get full.  Do you ever have days like that?

I ate tons this Easter weekend, and I snacked a lot, so I’m wondering if that has messed around with my eating habits a bit.  Yesterday was pretty much back to regular eats also though, and I didn’t feel unusually hungry (but I did still eat a lot of chocolate).

To start off my day I had oatmeal topped with peanut butter, honey, a banana and ground maple flax seeds for breakfast (I didn’t snap a pic, but let’s be honest, how many pictures of oatmeal have you seen on this blog?)

I was actually pretty full from that until mid-morning snack time (cup of Greek yogurt and blueberries), but instead of filling me up, my snack just made me want to eat more!

I was seriously antsy until lunch time, but was able to hold off for this…

Return Of The Bagelwich

A toasted multigrain bagel thin topped with goat cheese and apple slices.  Also extra apple slices and grape tomatoes on the side.

I folded the bagel over to make a yummy little sammy.

Hello, Bagel

I meant to bring a little honey to mix with the goat cheese, but I forgot it when I was packing my lunch this morning.  It was not quite as good sans honey, but it was still pretty yummy.

Normally that would fill me up pretty well, but today I just I wanted more, more, more!  So I broke into my afternoon snack early and ate a Kashi granola bar as dessert.  And then I ended up having three afternoon snacks: some baby carrots, a large handful of Celebration Mix (a very M&M heavy handful ;)), and some multigrain chips and salsa that were in our lunchroom leftover from our AGM.

For dinner, I brought back an old favourite…


English muffin pizza!  My mom used to make these all the time when I was younger, so this meal reminds me of being a carefree kid in the summer.  Good times.

I toasted the whole wheat English muffins first (to make sure the muffin stayed crispy), and then topped them with tomato sauce, spinach, cheese, turkey pepperoni and green pepper before broiling them in the oven on low for about 10 minutes.

So Good

I went back for a third little muffin…and then I drank a low-sodium V8 can, because those always fill me up!  After a cup of Greek yogurt for dessert, I am finally feeling satisfied!  For now…

Do you ever have days where no matter what you eat you’re still hungry for more?  How do you combat?

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