Friday FTW

Good evening!

Did everyone get up bright and early to watch the royal wedding?!  I did not.  I did catch a bit before I left for work, and I DVR’d it in case I want to watch it tonight, so we’ll see.

I wasn’t too much into the whole royal wedding business beforehand, the media hype was crazy!  But after hearing all the recaps, and seeing the dress and some ceremony details, it has pumped me up a bit.  I do love love, and she did look beautiful!

And I thought that little girl on the far left was funny…

And I still think Kate Middleton For The Win is funny!

So who knows, I may dabble in some wedding action a little later with a bit o’ vino…

I was pretty excited for today, not only because it’s Friday, but after two weeks off we were back to lunchtime yoga!  I had to skip it two weeks ago because I was away for meetings, and last week yoga fell on Good Friday, so it was awesome to get back to a little lunchtime relaxation.

We had a substitute instructor today, who was actually petty good.  She had a really soothing Spanish accent, so sometimes when I closed my eyes I felt like I was on a tropical beach somewhere, and not in our boring boardroom.

Before I knew it, it was time to get back to work.  I did have a good lunch of last night’s leftover pasta to look forward to…

Veggie-Packed Pasta

I also had a slice of grilled chicken, feta, red pepper and sundried tomato pizza that was leftover from a meeting.  It was seriously delicious, and I inhaled it before I remembered to snap a pic.

After that work thang was all done (and I worked harrrrd today, phew!), Ando and I went straight out for dinner.  Because we’re senior citizens who like to go out at five o’clock.

Crown & Firkin

We chose the Crown & Firkin in our neighbourhood, which neither of us has ever actually gone to for dinner…only drinks!  This was a big college spot for us.  But I did hit up another Firkin at while I was at our AGM, and my dinner was good, and when I suggested it to Andreezy he was down immediately.

I ordered a roasted vegetable, portabello mushroom, and goat cheese salad, and I was really impressed!

Lots O' Veggies & Super Yummy

It had lots of veggies, and also no skimping on the cheese!

I also dabbled in some of Alejandrew’s onion rings ;).

I love going out for dinner on Friday’s right after work.  It’s a good chance to have a drink and unwind from the workweek and get ready for the weekend!  We don’t have any crazy plans, but I’m kind of glad.  Last weekend was so busy with Easter shenanigans, so I’m excited for a nice relaxing time.  I am away for work next week from Wednesday to Friday so next week is going to be a busy one!

Breakfast this morning was of (surprise surprise) the oatmeal variety…

PB & J Oatmeal

Oatmeal topped with peanut butter and jam, and maple flax seeds.  Such a good combination.  I love my PB&J!  I seriously had a peanut butter and jam sandwich almost every single day in elementary school.  I don’t know what I would eat now with all the peanut allergies in schools.

All Stirred Up!

I’m off to enjoy my Friday.  Hope all of you do as well!

What was your favourite school lunch when you were growing up?

Mine was totally PB&J sammies, baby!


2 responses to “Friday FTW

  1. I ate a bologna sandwich for years for lunch!

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