Sunny Saturday

What a beautiful day!  It has been so sunny and nice today that I have tried to spend as much time outside as possible.

After letting my oatmeal breakfast settle this morning, I laced up my sneaks and headed outside for a run!


It was so nice and so warm in the sunshine.  Everyone and their neighbour was outside enjoying the weather, kids were chalking up the sidewalks, and many people were cutting their lawns and weeding their gardens.  It reminded me of summer ;).  It was the perfect start to my day.

I did the same route Ando and I did for my practice 5k, so about 4.8k in total.  I arrived back home in about 30 minutes.  I felt really good after this run, and I should tell you, I didn’t listen to any music.  My last three runs outside lately have actually been silent, and they have all gone really well.  I thought I needed the music to get me through, but it turns out I’m fine without it!  I have really been enjoying listening to the birds, and the kids playing (cheesefest), etc, so the silence has been a nice change.  And it’s been a really great time to clear my head.  I’ll see how long the no music lasts…

The rest of the morning and afternoon I have been hanging out on the patio reading a book, and getting my vitamin D on with my little kitty Winnie.

Sunshine Kitty

Winnie loooves the sunshine.  I was loving it too, and I already started a tan! (I tan really easily.  Like, I open my shirt and I’m black.)  The sun felt so nice after such a long and cold winter.

I tried to get Dexter to come out and hang with us, but he is a giant fraidy cat.

Is It Safe?

He prefers to watch the fun from the doorway.  He is so afraid of everything outside, and panics at every little noise.  He doesn’t feel comfortable like Winnie…

Outdoor Kitty

Outside is heaven to Winnie.

Lovin' It

She can’t get enough of the patio.


All the sunshine made me hungry for lunch, and I wanted something big and filling, yet still healthy.  I settled on a quinoa dish.

Yummy Quinoa!

This quinoa was a cross between chickpea and quinoa salad and quinoa and bean power salad.  While the quinoa was cooking, I sauteed half a sliced red onion and garlic in a frying pan.  I then added chopped red pepper and a can of chickpeas and cooked it with the onion and garlic for a while.  I added some green onion on a whim because I thought it needed a little green.  When the quinoa was cooked, I added it to the veggies, and stirred it all up with some feta.  For dressing I felt lazy, so I just added some fat-free Italian dressing.

So delicious!

Quinoa Chickpea Power Salad

I can’t get enough of these quinoa salads!

I’m off to leisure for a bit.  Ando and I have a barbecue tonight at our friends’ house and I’m excited!  Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday!

Question:  Have you ever tried running outside without music?  How do you like it?


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