Spring BBQ & Outdoor UFC Fun

Hi everyone!  I hope your Sunday is off to a great start!

Last night Ando and I hit up our friends’ house for a petite spring barbecue.  The weather was still awesome, and we enjoyed sitting in their sunny backyard with some of our good friends.

We had the traditional barbecue fare of burgers, hot dogs, and sausages, and I scored a delicious burger.

Oh Yessss

It was soo good.  I was dying for it.  Ohh how I love barbecues.

I also dabbled in some veggies that I brought along to the party.

Veggies & Dip

For dessert the hostess brought out an amazing chocolate caramel and pecan cheesecake, so of course I snagged a slice of that.  It was getting dark at that point though, so I didn’t bother snapping a picture.

Since the big UFC fight was on that evening (which was in Toronto, big deal!), the boys decided they wanted to keep the party outside and set up a projector to watch the action.


He does have an arm.  My iPhone cam is not so great with the action shots ;).

The screen and the projector actually worked out well!  It got pretty cold (a big reminder that it is not quite summer yet), so the boys had a fire going to keep everyone toasty once it got dark.

UFC Action

It was a pretty cozy set-up (and I was assured it was safe).

I am going to get all typical girl here for a moment and just say that I don’t get UFC.  I can get into it, of course it’s entertaining to watch, but I don’t understand why anyone would want to put their body through that.  For the cauliflower ears alone I say no way, josé.

The girls agreed with me, the minority out of the dozen or so people who were there, so since we were chilly and not so into the fighting, we decided to give the boys some man time and took our little party of three inside to play some three-handed Euchre.  Fun times.

We had a good little evening with our friends!

End O' The Night (Mike, Bri, Myself, Ando)

(Poor Andy-roo is so burnt from all the sun yesterday!)

We decided to leave our car at our friends and cab it home, so this morning we needed to retrieve that baby.  I decided since their house is only about 4km from our house, I was going to kill two birds with one stone and squeeze in a run as well as pick up the car.  I laced up my sneaks and hit the road!

On The Road

It was windy, a bit chilly, and I felt a little sluggish (the result of being up so late).  I also had to run on busier roads than I usually do, which was a little bit intimidating, but I made it to our car in about 25 minutes.  I went without music again, but I found this morning that I missed it and I was wishing I brought my headphones.  I did feel great after my run though, 10 times better than how I felt when I woke up, so I’m glad I got ‘er done.

I arrived back home hungry and ready to EAT!  I had picked up a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons for Andrew, so I decided to make myself a healthier version.

The Goods

Toasted whole wheat English muffin topped with an over-easy egg (I made Ando cook this for me since he is the perfect egg cooker ;)), cheese, and Canadian bacon.

With a little ketchup it was the perfect Sunday breakfast!

Healthier Breakfast Sammy

I’m feeling like somethin’ a little sweet now, so I think I’m going to make up some peanut butta protein bars!  I was talking about them last night with the girls and it sparked a serious craving in me!

Catcha lata!


5 responses to “Spring BBQ & Outdoor UFC Fun

  1. hi lindsey i have not seen you in a long time ,you are beautiful not surprising and i lov e your website….. yours truly marie from lindsay hope your striving to walk the walk in all areas of your life

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  3. This is amazing. I absolutely love the outdoor projector! I must admit, I do enjoy UFC. Watching men fight is hot. I don’t know if you have seen The Fighter with Marky Mark and his funky bunch….but it will turn your crank fo’ sho’.
    I can’t believe you ran to your car in the morning. You are killing me here. I need some running lessons from you diva. I ran twice for two days and ended up needed an ankle brace immediately after….it broke my heart. Perhaps there are some tricks you can teach me to avoid such injuries.

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